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Study Video Access

Webinar Subscribers can click below to access the Webinar archives to replay the presentation via Windows Media Player and retrieve handouts. PC users will be able to view the video recording, while Mac Users will be able to replay the audio to supplement the presentation handouts.

Please be sure you previously downloaded the GoToWebinar Windows Media Player Converter and use the username and password provided to you via email to access the files.

Please note there are two options to replay the video sessions:

1. Download the compressed "Zipped" *.zipx file via right-click and save to your PC and decompress using the free WinZip application.

2. View directly from the server via left-click on the *.wmv file. (Note if you're having difficulty with this method, please revert to option #1.)

Note that downloading the uncompressed *wmv replay file may be possible, yet isn't encouraged nor guaranteed to work given the large size.

Please email Don if you have ANY problems downloading and he'll help you.

All presentation slides can be downloaded via right-click.

Please strictly observe all Copyright Laws; Not For further distribution or access by non-subscribers.

Webinars #1 - 3

Webinars #4 - 8

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