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Current Course Offerings

1. 16-Hour Team Jellie Webinar Study Sessions

View the same eight 2-hour Formal Study & Weekly Reinforcement Sessions the original "Jellies" attended as a part of their their eight-week marathon training program.

View a video overview of the Jellie effort,
including Webinar contents and excerpts

100% of the cost can be applied toward the full four-week training effort if accepted into future programs.

5% of ongoing proceeds to benefit the American Diabetes Association or other selected charities.

View Detailed Syllabus & Unsolicited Course Feedback.

PC viewing requirements include Windows Media Player 9 or above and download of a simple GoToWebinar program here.  In addition, copies of all presentation slides are available in both color and black and white.  Mac Users will be able to replay the audio to supplement the presentation handouts.

All videos and supporting handouts are downloadable to retain forever.

Webinar Tuition:  $1,500 (Full Package of Webinars #1-8)
                                $750 (Optional Budget Package of Webinars #1-3)

E-Mail Don if interested in purchasing.

100% of the cost can be applied toward the four-week Jellie training program if held.

2. Jellie Live Market Training Program
          Next Session: April 2-6, 2018.  E-Mail for Interest

Want to elevate your S&P E-Mini Trading to the next level through a "full immersion experience"? 
Swim alongside Don Miller and follow the same route the original 2009 "Jellies" took.

The effort reflects an intensive team based multiple-day training session with Don to live, think, and breathe the markets.


- Two-hour Monday evening preparation session
- Live Tuesday - Friday team intraday market observance with audio
- The complete series of 16-Hour Webinar Study Series the initial Jellies 
      received as listed below
- Interactive Q&A sessions
- Preferred rates for any subsequent educational offerings

View Past Participant Feedback

Tuition Fee: Depends on length; One Week Typically $5,000 Less the Cost of the Jellie Webinars If Previously Purchased

E-Mail Don with a brief background and contact phone number if interested in participating.  Space is limited to ensure a quality experience for all.  Serious inquiries only.


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