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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the Jellie Webinars still applicable to current markets?

A. Yes. While market rhythms change from time to time, such an evolution gets to the heart of the "Jellie" concept which is to anticipate and identify the current market rhythm and align personal pace to extract profit. Further, the basic nature of market participants in terms of their emotions and resulting actions as defined by current rhythms will remain timeless as long as markets are being traded.

Q. I don't trade the S&P E-Minis, or I trade them on different timeframes. Would the Webinars still apply to me?

A. While the material often references the S&P & DAX futures to align with the main markets I trade, the Jellie concept and fundamentals address the need for every trader – regardless of preferred market, technical indicator, timeframe, or style – to emulate those sea creatures by identifying and adapting to ever-changing market rhythms in order to the maximize the probability of success in all markets. In addition, much of the material addresses trade management and psychology concepts, which obviously apply to all markets.

Q. I don't trade futures, but I do trade equities.  Would the technical portion of the content still apply?

A. The technical content is applicable to all index derivatives including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and I've applied the same concepts and technical methods to trade SPY, QQQ, leveraged index ETFs, and stocks that have a high correlation to index movement.

Q. If I purchase Webinars #1-#3 only, can I later pay the difference to receive all eight videos?

A. Yes. While the program is intended to be viewed in full and its tuition priced extremely reasonably given the extensive content, I've provided a lower cost option for those that may be slightly unsure as to its applicability. (Experience has shown that most who do so go on to purchase the full set.) If you do initially purchase Webinars #1-#3 only and want to purchase the remaining sessions, simply email me at don@donmillereducation.com and I'll forward you a PayPal invoice for the difference for immediate access.

Q. Will you hold future Live Jellie Efforts?

A. While not currently scheduled, I am open to the idea of holding a limited number of future live events via the Internet if sufficient interest exists, so please email me at don@donmillereducation.com if you're interested in participating. In the meantime, the eight two-hour Jellie Video Webinars chronicling the actions of the first team reflect the most effective tool to grasp the Jellie concepts. The Webinars are actually a prerequisite for the live course, and any tuition previously paid for the Jellie Webinars can be applied toward the tuition of the live effort.

Q. If I'd like to attend a future Live Event, should I wait to purchase the Jellie Webinars?

A. Due to the infrequent nature of the live efforts, I would strongly suggest acquiring the Webinars now if you're interested in grasping the concepts to apply to your current trading. Again, any Webinar tuition can be applied toward a live effort if held.

Q. If I have questions after viewing the Webinars, can I contact you with questions?

A. Absolutely, and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner either individually or via the blog if the issue seems applicable to many. In either case, any personal information shared will remain 100% confidential. You can reach me at don@donmillereducation.com.

Q. Have the Jellie educational efforts been successful in terms of trader profitability?

A. As with any formal education setting, whether it be a full four-year college program or an adult training course, participant success is ultimately dependent on the student’s ability, motivation, and discipline to apply the instructed skill. Nevertheless, participant feedback suggests we've been highly successful in meeting our objective of delivering a highly unique and quality trader educational experience at minimal cost to increase the probability of success.