Friday Notes – A Funny Thing Happened …

By Don Miller

A funny thing happened on the way to indexing the old blog for future reference … I found a new toy. 

So as noted in the video, our immediate path has taken a bit of a course change as I see if this new WordPress site – with all its bells and whistles – can do even more for strengthening and motivating traders than we’ve done over the last two years.

And since absolutely nothing has changed from the July fourth post in terms of needing to find the answers within each one of us, we’ll continue our mission of emphasizing self-sufficiency in anything that appears in these pages going forward.

So watch the video, take a look around, let me know what you’d like to see, and check back often as we put some meat on these skeleton bones over the coming days and weeks … including the traditional Weekend Trader post.

Important Note: Please make sure you’re using the www.donmillerblog.com address which will point you to this new location. 

Oh, and watch out for the ladders and wet paint.


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  1. Daytradingfool says:

    I really like the new platform/format – looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Thanks for all the work you do Don. Great stuff.

  2. Penn State Clips says:


    I dig the new look!

    Trader Kevin

  3. Penn State Clips says:


    How about a adding some kind of preview for comments? I trust WordPress has a plug-in.

    I know you’re busy with your new “toy,” consider this something for the wish list.

    Trader Kevin

  4. Welcome back Don, website looks good! Online advertising doesn’t pay much anyway, so I would suggest keeping the site clean with no ads. I like the one-liner Jellie Prep idea as well.

  5. Dennis Parmelee says:

    Love the new look. And I couldn’t agree more with your “wizard post”. Nobody can do it for us; but blogs like yours are certainly a short cut to helping traders avoid the many traps and pitfalls that you have already discovered through experience.

    Now can you work some of the magic on the Bosox?

  6. TickChick says:

    Great news…
    Love it

  7. SSamson says:

    I like the links at the top that make it easier to find key posts.

    You might want to add a permanent link to the blog’s RSS feed, they make it much easier to follow the blog. This is the default link: