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Some heartfelt thoughts tonight addressing the difficult topic of trader failure.

And since trading remains one of those rare businesses that tests EVERY element of human nature – often simultaneously — let’s keep doing what we can to collectively strengthen and support each other.

Lastly, and above all, please remember if you fail at trading after giving it your all, that YOU are not a failure.

For you likely have other gifts to share that are desparately needed in this world.

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Jellies and Jellies to Be,
As a special to all traders who have been through either Don’s live Jellie training or have viewed the 16-Hour Jellie study series, I would like to pass the following on as a gift.  
While Don and I both are not big on marketing, I wanted to let all of Don’s “Jellies” know of a special discount for those who need help in managing trading emotions. As you know, even the best strategies fall short if emotions get in the way, and Don and I both also have a common and continuing mission to help traders succeed.
During the summertime, I always offer an additional coaching session to the origial 5-pack because summer is slow, there are many vacations and it’s a good time to work on the mind (called a 6-pack) .
I would like to offer to Jellies two things:
1) Visit the and view the FREE presentation (on the left side – bottom).  There is also lots of ”free stuff” to help with emotions. 
2) Would like to offer 2 extra sessions (or 7-pack) ONLY for Don’s past (or upcoming) Jellie traders, as a gift and to assist you … a $500 savings.
Again, this is a sincere offer ONLY if you have participated in either the live or video version of Don’s Jellie training efforts.  And yes, it will also be available for new video participants signing up over the next few days.  To receive the offer, simply contact me and I’ll verify with Don that you are eligible.
In the meantime I look forward to seeing the new team at the Jellie Training in September, and great trading!
Robin Dayne
“The Trader’s Coach” 
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