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This video is in response to those of you who have asked for more information with respect to my recently accepting a role as Chief Investment Officer for an investment firm, which has resulted in a re-balancing of priorities at this end.

As I mention at the outset, the video is in no way intended to be a solicitation of funds, and is simply responsive to recent inquiries.

You can find more information, including this week’s closing market briefing (in the briefing room tab) at

Request for additional information can be directed to or

Thank you.

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The Weekend Trader – Tank Update

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A quick update on trading, investment, and Trading After Dark activities.

And a special congratulations to Tom of Jellie Team #7 as the team hits the half-way mark.

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Tuesday Notes – TAD Logo

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Look what just came back from the logo company for the shirts & caps.

It’s the actual “stitch” version.

More details soon.

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The Weekend Trader – Jellie & TAD Updates

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Some quick thoughts during a very busy week at this end.

And the test TAD shirts and caps have been ordered!

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Today’s post provides an update to TAD and various other efforts at this end, puts the last two and a half years of blogging in perspective, and provides some key introductory comments to the incoming 2011 Jellie class for all to benefit.

Key links referenced in the video includes the beta Team’s blog posts, which will help put the effort in stronger perspective as we launch into the ocean tomorrow, and the Jellie Webinars for those who aren’t able to be a part of the current team and haven’t yet considered them.

OK, to try to sum this up for a lot of the questions I’ve been receiving (email box backed up quite a bit) with respect to use of complex technical analysis, statistics, use of chatrooms, etc., this video will hopefully complement the famous New York Expo presentation Kindergarten slide to explain my continuing perspective.

Guy with sword: The “trading” approach of statisticians, programmers, accountants, analysts, and chatroom traders who care far more about social needs and backslapping than running a serious and profitable trading business.

Guy with gun: Guess.

K.I.S.S. folks.

That should help further clarify my comments of the last 10 years :-)

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OK, this is for the hundreds of you that keep telling me I should have some more fun in my trading, as well as a way to link the TAD effort with our ongoing charitable activities.

Coming Soon.

Yes, seriously … and all proceeds would go to our and ADA charities.

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Some key thoughts and thanks from this end as we continue our transition to using Trading After Dark as our primary microphone and podium going forward.

A reminder that Episode #2 is now live on the TAD site.

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