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Tuesday Notes – Morning Tank Transcript

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It’s been a while since we last did this, so I thought it might be helpful to post our running dialogue from this morning’s Jellie Tank session which includes PivotPoint fund buy reference points and trade premises.


P.S. Previous tank transcripts can be found in the post category index list in the lower right margin.

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The Weekend Trader Part 2 – Short vs. Long-Term Trading

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Today’s video makes some comparisons between our longstanding short-term trading principles – as is currently being reinforced by our Trading After Dark efforts – and longer-term timeframes which are currently in play.

I also continue to thank those who have purchased TAD caps and shirts in support of our fun, charitable effort.


The Weekend Trader Part 1 – PivotPoint Briefing

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The weekly PivotPoint briefing has been posted in the PivotPoint Briefing Room.

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The weekly PivotPoint briefing has been posted in the PivotPoint Briefing Room, including an email from our CEO to clients discussing recent trades and underlying premises.

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This past week has been one of extreme reflection for me as I officially began my sixth decade on this planet … all through the grace of God.

And so as I prepare for whatever God has in store for me for my remaining years, whether they be one or 50+, I had to take just one peek backward before turning my eyes forever forward.

In sharing this brief “life replay”, it will hopefully provide further insight as to my convictions that have been chronicled in this 800+ post diary, and why no one will ever be able to take away my joy for life or squelch my voice for continuing to fight for the TRUTH  … whether it be in this industry, or in the more important realm of life.

The Early Years (Age 0-19)
- Born in 1961 due solely to the incredible strength of my parents and their faith in God to try again after experiencing a devastating stillbirth.
- Lived with weakened immune system during much of first 20 years
- Accepted Christ as my savior at vacation bible school at the age of 13
   … which will forever remain the most important decision I’ll ever make.
- Too many missteps to count, but include:
   * Scoring on the wrong basket in a Jr. High School game
          … AFTER missing the first shot and shooting again
   * Bombing as a soloist in a high school concert due to complete lack of preparation
   * Breaking my ankle twice due to not wearing tape or supports and missing our state championship
      basketball run
   * Losing my early Christian priority so many times, this post would never end if I counted them all
- Somehow managed to attain Eagle Scout amidst my wandering

The Growing Years (20-35)
- Ridiculed as a college student for not drinking or doing drugs
- Was introduced to the medical science of homeopathy
   … which forever altered and strengthened my immune system, yet will always be
   incorrectly dissed as quackery by profit-motivated drug companies
- Graduated Summa Cum Laude with offers from all Big 8 Accounting firms
- Placed on a fast track executive development program resulting in ten promotions and six relocations
- Married Debra (my second most important decision) who will always remain the love of my life
- Became father to two daughters for whom I’d give my life in a heartbeat
- Again often losing my early Christian priority many times

The Maturing Years (36-49)
- Got my Executive MBA
- Tired of corporate life and its lack of challenge and turned to trading
- Multiple early missteps & failures
   … which would later become the cornerstone of my mission to improve education
- Did I mention losing my Christian priority?
- Almost lost my wife to a massively burst appendix which had gone gangrene
- Almost lost my youngest daughter to Type 1 Diabetes who would later blossom into valedictorian
   & accomplished violin soloist
   … which would of course become another cornerstone of our mission with the ADA
- Through the grace and strength of God, turned early trading missteps into a multi-year performance
   which will always rank among the best in its asset class
- Fathered one of the most unique, intensive, and well-received trading educational programs
   ever, while making the terms “Bamboo” & “Jellie” common in the industry
- Experienced a spiritual re-awakening in the last year thanks to …
   * My personal Walk to Emmaus
   * Work with the Christian Alpha program
   * John & Cherie Norquay
   * & above all, my Lord Jesus Christ

I could of course go on … but then this would be all about me.

But those who “really get it” know that this blog has NEVER been about me.

For all the documentation of missteps, stumbles, and successes in these hundreds and hundreds of virtual pages have simply been a roadmap for inspiration, and living proof that Christ is alive and doing great things in preparation for His current and evolving kingdom.

If you’ve missed those “between the lines” inferences or are new to this blog, I encourage you to re-read every post.

And so as I turn the page on this blog and in my life, the following song & lyrics come to mind:

More of you, less of me
is what I’m asking, is what I need.
In my life and in my soul:
more of you, less of me.

May you increase as I decrease.
May you grow as I surrender to your love,
to your peace, to your joy.

- Trevor Thomsom

For such will be my mission going forward in this blog, the TAD efforts, my educational programs, our charitable causes, my PivotPoint role, and life in general.

Interestingly, as I write this amidst the recent and not-so-recent scars of life, I find myself stronger than I’ve ever been at any stage – or age — in my life.

As for the end of the story??

Well, I know its outcome far better than a monster MATD trading opening.

For the final score was, is, and will always be: Jesus 1 Satan 0.

And that’s the only trade on this life with 100% probability.

You can take that to the bank.


Wednesday Notes – TAD Episode #4 is Up!

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Trading After Dark Episode #4: “Chasing the Tail” showing an opening trade from this morning’s action is up!

Please submit any comments to the TAD post so we can keep them all in one place.  Thanks.

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The Weekend Trader – Dancing In & Out of the Markets

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It’s been a busy weekend at this end as I transition from interim Jellie trader/educator back to full-time trader/fund manager.

Part of the “transition weekend” included the joy of watching Chelsea (freshman at Tufts and the inspiration for our ADA campaign) perform in the Northeast Collegiate Ballroom Dance competition at Brandeis University.

Ironically, the day-long event reminded me a bit of a trading day (yea, I know … what doesn’t?), where most of the day was spent waiting for the occasional  2-3 minutes of competition amidst a ten-hour day.

And speaking of extended dancing, for those interested in longer term market insights on the PivotPoint site, we’ve added a video briefing this week (select the Briefing Room tab) discussing our current ”market dance”.  The video supplements our ongoing weekly text and chart briefings.

On the trading front, we’ll get back to more Trading After Dark content and posting as we move forward.

In the meantime, let’s “break a leg” in tomorrow’s trading.

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Today’s Trading After Dark “wardrobe” video discusses how you can support our ongoing TAD charity work by purchasing polo shirts and/or caps.

As I state in the video, 15% of the proceeds will go to our and American Diabetes Association charities (calculated & tracked by the logo company), with the rest of the price going to the manufacturer.  Translation: Don gets zero.

In return, you get one or two very nice pieces of quality clothing.

With the TAD views approaching 6,000, we’re clearly onto something here, so let’s help out those in need in the process. 

If you’ve EVER benefited from any of the blog posts, TAD episodes, or my ongoing babbling, please consider getting a cap or shirt.

The link to the store is

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