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Trader Education, Charity, & a Father’s Day Discount

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On this Father’s day, and as I continue to take a break from late spring and early summer blogging, I wanted to once again extend a $250 discount opportunity for those interested in pursuing the 8-week Jellie trader video course chronicling & documenting the journey the initial beta Jellie team traveled as they learned and implemented the principles required to successfully navigate the S&P and DAX trading markets.

As many know, the Jellie effort was initially undertaken in response to repeated inquiries for me to give back to the industry after recently reaching the top of the industry for my asset class, and a portion of the proceeds continues to support our charitable causes that have included the American Diabetes Association, Grow Uganda, and most recently, the Commodity Customer Coalition which is providing free legal support to traders impacted by MF Global.

If you’re interested in pursuing the discount, simply email me at and I’ll email a special discounted PayPal invoice.   More information regarding the course, its history, and intent can be found on the formal educational site.

Enjoy the early summer and markets, and look for a revamped blogging effort in the very near future.

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Special Post – Look for Breaking News Shortly

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Yes, it’s been a while as I’ve dealt with some life and family issues.

But behold, the end/beginning is near and a new Bamboo is taking root.

Stay tuned!

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