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New Book By Tim Bourquin – Traders At Work

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Congrats to Tim Bourquin (Founder of the International Trading Expos) & Nicholas Mango’s newly published work Traders at Work that provides insights from some of the world’s top traders and includes interviews with Linda Raschke, Peter Brandt, myself, and others.

I was honored to have been selected for inclusion for this work, and kudos to Tim for once again putting forth a quality and insightful product.

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“Chronicles …” Sneak Preview #2

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I thought seriously about not posting any text today, and instead simply post the attached photo which accurately depicts the theme of Wiley & Sons’ upcoming book which will detail the life and trading journeys of this trader.

The valleys, the bumps, and the plateaus. The beauty, the clouds, and the unknown where the road seems to end yet simply dips again before heading to another distant land. And finally, a higher mountain to the right if one chooses to continue further.

And as Amazon readies for the July 2013 book launch (just in case if you were wondering if this was real), I remain humbled and blessed by being provided such a forum from which I can tell the full and complete story.  From my early crushing life and trading setbacks and missteps to lessons that continue to this very day, it’s all there.  And while I thought it would be difficult to improve on the 1,100+ real time posts in this online journal to create something that once in print would forever stand the test of time and provide at least some small benefit to the trading community of both today and tomorrow, my hat goes off to the team at John Wiley & Sons for helping us do just that.

As many know, I’ve long advocated full transparency in an industry that is too often cloaked by smoke and mirrors. Yet while successfully navigating the financial markets reflects one of life’s greatest challenges – which the book addresses in spades – I document with strong conviction that it IS possible to achieve and retain success beyond which most will ever understand due to their lack of knowledge, personal initiative, circumstance, or simply vision. Why can I say this? Because at one time or another, I was that person lacking all four attributes!

Yes, there are no shortcuts along the way to reach those distant mountains. For we must travel the road as paved, consume the fuel, and believe the mountains aren’t simply painted on the sky. My goal in writing the book is to simply try to smooth the road just a bit such that your lows aren’t as low as mine, and your peaks are hopefully higher.

As for where I am on the road in the photo right now? I’m somewhere over that last green hill, but still driving & trading my way to that next destination.

P.S. For those on Facebook, we’ve launched a new Facebook page which we’ll update with publishing timeline updates and other trading tidbits from time to time, along with maintaining and stepping up our efforts on this site. And as always, email me at with comments or suggestions as we continue our mission of making each other stronger. Choosing “Like” on that site should activate the news feed at your end.

Had a great breakfast in Boston yesterday with James Koutoulas and members of the Typhon Capital Management team where I presented him another check in support of the CCC.

We also reminisced about our collective battle on the MF Global front, discussed Typhon, and talked about the upcoming book which will contain a full chapter about MF Global with special acknowledgements to James and the entire Commodity Customer Coalition.

Continued thanks to the Bloomberg, New York Post, and Motley Fool media outlets who personally helped me get my story out on behalf of all customers.

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As you may know, a portion of any tuition received from the Jellie trader educational videos is donated to a charitable cause, which in the past has included the American Diabetes Association,, and the Commodity Customer Coalition (CCC).

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll once again be including the CCC among our current causes, and I’ll be presenting James Koutoulas a check for $800 tomorrow in Boston.

In total, we’ve raised over $20,000 for charity and I hope to be able to continue to provide support to such worthy causes as we more forward.

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It had to be unique, yet it had to honor the spirit of its predecessor – the classic Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

And it most certainly had to hold true to our ongoing and unique industry mission of 100% transparency.

So it’s in such spirit that I’m pleased to announce that for the first time in the history of the financial press, Wiley’s upcoming book will include a trader’s actual P&L (yes, mine) of EVERY futures trading day from 2004-2011.

Not simply one full week, month, or even a full year … instead, almost 2,000 days of my entire future trading career over an eight year period.

Not a simulation, theory, or concept … instead, actual results backed by an affidavit.

No cherry-picking and showing only the bountiful days or years … instead, every day and year including the learning curve period, the Flash Crash, and the MF Global effect with the drawdowns HIGHLIGHTED.

I simply wasn’t going to do it any other way.

Risky? Not at all when it’s 100% authentic … and necessary.

Yes, at times I’ve railed over the lack of industry transparency and willingness for traders, educators, and authors to tell the whole story about trading. So to mix two bodily metaphors, I’ve put my best foot forward and my money where my mouth is.

It is time … and it’s coming.

From time to time over the next few months, I’ll be posting some preview concepts of Wiley’s upcoming book as I ramp back up the blog activity. And yes, the title of the post includes a partial peek into the book’s title.

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