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Book, Market, & Trading Update

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Lots to talk about today as I update everyone on the upcoming book and thank Dr. Brett Steenbarger once again for his earlier industry contributions, some of his earlier seeds, and his initial manuscript feedback.

Other topics include the need for traders to be flexible so that we can profit from all markets, why such was the appropriate genesis for the Jellie trader training program which remains timeless in concept, and the need to anticipate upcoming market action just as the forecasters accurately predicted the path of recent Blizzard Nemo.

You can and should be successful in the markets people … the only things preventing it are either (1) you or (2) your belief in negative feedback from others who lack the required knowledge or insights. So whether it’s Dr. Brett, myself, or others, find a way to get educated!

Have a great trading week and stay tuned for more book updates.


Neither Rain, Nor Corzine, Nor Blizzard …

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Do you really think after fighting Jon Corzine for a year that I’m going to let a little snow keep me from trading this morning?

Profits in hand and 3 foot measuring stick ready.

Look for trading and book “Blizzard Updates” over the weekend.

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