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The Weekend Trader – Another Chapter Ends

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With pun fully intended, I’ll start off this weekend’s post feeling as if I’ve just formally completed a special formal chapter in my life and trading career.

With the just-completed book production (here’s a link to Wiley’s just-issued press release for the book), I can now more fully devote my market energies to simply trading.

Yet this chapter of my life, while long delayed as I for years chose not to pursue writing a book as I felt my market energies were much best suited toward trading itself, was necessary in the end.

And in an extremely ironic fashion, as the trading world gets ready to examine 270 pages of heartfelt text detailing my last 52 years of life and 15 years of trading with microscopes, magnifying glasses, magazine reviews, blog opinions, and more, this trader-momentarily-turned-author-returning-to-trader will be doing just the opposite … and that is beginning a whole new chapter.

So while the world looks back at what will hopefully be one of the most unique writings of how an individual worked with his own failings and humanity to produce what some may describe as extraordinary results, I will be looking forward.

You see, I am a trader.

The past is just that … the past.

Yes, in the end, the tale had to be told to try to help others and put the often-confusing and misunderstood industry of trading and financial management in perspective.

Why did it have to be told?  Because in a world increasingly full of Gordon-Gekkos, Jon Corzines, and others with similar sleights of hand, the side of legitimacy must have its voice.

Make no mistake: As I detail in the book and have throughout these virtual pages over the last decade, I am human and have a ton of shortcomings. Yet the truth once again deserves its turn … even with all of its good, bad, and ugly qualities.

Otherwise, we simply continue to live in a house of mirrors.

And while I encourage you to momentarily join the trading world and look back at my failures and successes such that history can help you avoid repeating some of my pratfalls while grasping a few golden kernels, I similarly encourage you to then look forward to tomorrow, next week, and far beyond.

For tomorrow is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

And that’s where you’ll find me.


The Weekend Trader – The Books Are In!

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Yes, it is done.

16 days ahead of schedule, John Wiley & Sons has come through in spades as I received my initial copies on Friday.

270 pages of life, humanity, struggle, and triumph covering my entire trading career and a some highly relevant foundation-building pre-career excerpts.

A fully transparent view intended to dispel myths, continue to tear down the mysterious industry shroud, and motivate others.

The early stumbles.

The redemption.

The self-imposed pratfalls falling flat on my face on the concrete.

More redemptions.

Selected daily journals of the intensive years.

The Flash Crash.

Another redemption.

The MF Global saga.

Yes, you know what comes next … another redemption.

Yet all along the way, forever moving forward.

Some may suggest that I’ve gone out on a rather risky limb sharing my full and complete humanity. On the contrary, for I believe it’s in our weakest moments where we find our greatest sources of strength.

Frankly, when the box arrived, I admit it felt a bit surreal … and it still does today. Yet I suppose packaging a mirror of your life and career in such a way where every blemish is exposed for all the world to see will do that.

Continued thanks to all who prodded, supported, or helped me in some way over the last year. Some are mentioned prominently in the acknowledgment section: my wife Debra and two daughters Courtney and Chelsea, my parents and grandparents, Dr. Brett Steenbarger, Linda Raschke, Larry Connors, Damon Pavlatos, Pat Lafferty, Sandy Meyer, John Norquay, James Koutoulas, John Roe, Gregg Collett, the Commodity Customer Coalition, and the beta Jellie team. And of course the wonderful team at John Wiley and Sons who suggested the idea in such a way where my long-time reluctance constructively morphed to accelerator-to-the-floor enthusiasm.

Or said another way,

“Suffice it to say that as time and discussions progressed, my thoughts slowly shifted from concerns of whether my story should be told to the growing possibility that my story must be told, if only (1) to prove once and for all that successful trading is downright possible with the proper mix of education, experience, patience, focus, and motivation; and (2) to chronicle my footprints in such a way that doing so might help just one person avoid the bloodied footprints that had disappeared into crevices.”
- Page xiii, Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader by Don Miller; Copyright 2013; Published by John Wiley and Sons.

Perhaps the best way to end today’s post is simply looking to the beginning of the book:

“Hold on tight as we witness the good, the bad, and the ugly.  In the end however, as with the gift of life itself, it was and remains all good as you witness the unrelenting grace of God.”
- Page xiv, Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader


Dad, this one is for you.

After taking a brief hiatus to deal with some personal issues including the passing of my Dad, we’re back with high energy today to discuss book, market, and life perspectives.

As I mention, the Amazon site now includes previews of some of the book segments to give you a peek at some of the contents.

I also mention an upcoming online webcast scheduled for July 19, 2013, entitled Creating “Outliers” to Maximize Trade and Career Gains where I’ll briefly touch on what I believe is one of THE key principles of successful trading.

Finally, remember that “In the end, everything will be OK, and if it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.”