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Long-time followers know that when I agreed to re-enter the world of formal trader education a few years ago, I agreed to do so provided we’d create a win-win environment that would help traders by providing high-quality trader education at reasonable cost, as well as try to make at least a small dent in improving a few small corners of the world through various charitable efforts.

To date, and thanks to many of you, Jellyfish Enterprises has donated tens of thousands of dollars from our trader educational services proceeds to the American Diabetes Association, GrowUganda, and the Boston OneFund.

As I mentioned at the Las Vegas Traders Expo, I’m pleased to announce a new alliance between our Jellie trader training arm and World Vision, beginning with sponsoring two young children on a monthly basis.

The first child is Emerson, for whom World Vision provided the following bio:

Emerson M lives with his parents and 3 sisters. His parents struggle to provide for the family. His father is a farm laborer. Despite their efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Emerson M is growing up in a poor community in the Latin American country of Peru. Typical homes are constructed of wood, adobe or cement bricks. The roofs on these small homes are made of corrugated iron or straw. Children and their families survive on a diet high in carbohydrates like potatoes, corn, noodles and bread. Peru’s terrain is picturesque with its high mountains and deep valleys.

Emerson M is in primary school and he enjoys studying the native language. He helps at home by doing housework. He likes to play soccer. He is in satisfactory health.

The second child, whose photo can’t be shared for security purposes, is a young girl named Farjana, for whom World Vision provides the following bio:

Farjana lives with her parents, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Her parents struggle to provide for the family.

Farjana is growing up in a rural farming community in Bangladesh. Homes are mainly constructed of bamboo with metal roofs and dirt floors. Families eat rice, fish and any vegetables they can afford. The climate in this region varies, with temperatures in the 90s and as low as 48 degrees. The rainy season brings large floods, which help the rice crops grow. Rice is the major crop of this country.

Farjana is in primary school and she enjoys studying the national language. She helps at home by carrying water. She likes to jump rope. She is in satisfactory health.


I selected these two children in part  because they shared the same birthday as mine – March 10 – with the hope that any thoughts of my own birthday would quickly turn to theirs. Oh, and they also live in homes built in part by bamboos!

And while our modest alliance won’t solve world hunger, perhaps the accumulation of these minor efforts will turn into something major … just like the constant accumulation of modest trade sequence profits can turn a small sprout into a bamboo which grows before your very eyes.

May God use and multiply these gifts beyond that which we can ever imagine.

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Trading Expo Interviews

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For your viewing pleasure and thanks once again to Tim Bourquin of the MoneyShow team who always does a fine job.

Interview #1: “Trust But Verify”

Interview #2: “Get Inside the Mind of a Trader”

Interview #3: “Being Flexible is Key to Successful Trading”

I’ll provide more info shortly on adding WorldVision to our growing list of charitable causes.

And how about that monster MATD today!!!  As I’ve long said, MATD’s remain THE highest probability trading days. 25 for 25 and one month’s income in a single session.

As it should be.