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The Weekend Trader – Compelled to Share

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Tonight I simply felt compelled to share the following. Have a great weekend.

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The Weekend Trader – Where’s Don?

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I’ll make this post fairly short as I continue to be actively engaged in efforts that are far more important than any business (which yes, does go on … but that’s for another time).

As I mentioned in “Chronicles …”, one of the joys of trading – or any income-producing business for that matter – is the ability to purchase “time” that can be used to pursue higher goals.

To that end, I’ve been actively involved in the Southern New England Emmaus community with a wonderful team of volunteers over the past several months as we’ve prepared for this Spring’s walks, as well as having just completed another Alpha program at our local church.

I continue to share these life aspects not as a “do-gooder”, yet instead as a humble servant simply trying to become more aware of life’s truths as God continues to open my eyes and encourage me to share with others.

Last night, I viewed “Heaven is For Real“, which was as good as the non-fictional book it portrayed from a few years ago and a wonderful testimony for all the world.

And after watching barely 20 minutes of the “Wolf on Wall Street” recently before walking out with absolute disgust, it was indeed welcome to see such an inspirational event shared with all.

Enjoy the weekend and have a stellar trading week!

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