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Easter Weekend Post – Full Surrender From Space

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Dear Diary,

At some point in the future, I’ll post substantially more detail on my current journey that is easily dwarfing any previous personal or professional journey I’ve known in my lifetime.  Yet in the meantime, and as we approach the most important weekend of the world’s history that puts everything in full and real perspective, I’ll share these initial observations and findings from space that I was only able to fully comprehend last evening.

Finding 1: It’s very quiet here.  No, quiet doesn’t quite describe it … it’s more of a vacuum. A vacuum away from other people, traders, the blog, Twitter … you name it. It’s utter and complete silence that seems – ironically – ear popping.

Finding 2: While I chose the space shuttle analogy to describe this journey into the vast worlds of significant trading size, this has instead – and ironically – become a journey deep into one’s self and soul. Yet, in a very real way, as I’ve dived deeper into inner self, I’m beginning to see myself so much clearer … as if I’m viewing myself from space. I find this juxtaposition to be completely unexpected – as if I’ve been planning to turn right at the fork, and instead am finding left is actually the correct route.  This becomes clearer in Finding #3.

Finding 3: While I began this journey as thinking that by substantially increasing size, I had to be in more control than ever, what I’ve found is that I actually need to be in less control than ever. In other words, I’m having to fully surrender all control of things that reach farther and deeper than trading itself. Said another way, and using our jellyfish trader analogy, at some time and place, this jellyfish tried to become a hunting shark. From video posts in the blog, to tweets frustrated with the “fish” swimming around me, to my non-market businesses, to teaching, and to my own trading … this jellyfish looked far more than something other than a creature that had to give up all control in order to be successful. Said yet another way, in order to become large, I’ve had to make myself smaller … as in a speck seen from space. This leads to my final Finding.

Finding 4: What I seem to have rediscovered is this business – and life – is about surrendering full control. Control of the markets, other traders, and my very being. And it took conceptually shoving this man – who hates being on airplanes because he’s not in the cockpit and thus not “in control” – into the cockpit of a virtual space shuttle for that fact to be bone-rattling.

Yes, my discovery has been one of relinquishing all control … call it full surrender.  And it’s a journey that remains very much in progress.

The greatest irony?

That this discovery times itself with the very day that the son of God surrendered his will fully and completely.

I share these few observations with the hope that you too may join me on this unique and unexpected journey into the world of full surrender. And that by doing so, you too can perhaps find your true self and unlock your full potential.

Have a blessed Easter weekend.

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