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The Personal & Trading Metamorphosis Continues

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As I momentarily break the recent silence and continue to close in on my sixth decade, the history and perspective of this man’s journey becomes clearer.

For the childhood and adolescent years in hospitals, an unrelenting two-year high school virus, the embarrassment of a concert failure, the crushing diagnosis of my youngest daughter, the broken ankles, my dad’s passing, almost losing my spouse to death twice, the early 1990s flat-on-your-face trading failure before I understood the business, the MF Global theft, and the occasional mocking from a tiny uninformed minority … in retrospect, I am so very thankful for all of these instances for harnessing strength and perseverance.

For the gifts and blessings of two children, a stronger-than-ever marriage closing in on 30 years, the continued opening of my eyes to the perspectives for priorities of business and life, the tremendous support of family and true friends, and the modest successes I’ve been afforded … I too am thankful for these glimpses of wonderment that simply dwarf the ultimate yet-to-be seen gift.

One of my greatest lessons in life has been that all of these challenges and accomplishments share one thing in common … they’re all temporary and last no longer than the blink of an eye compared to the true timeline of eternity.

Some stumble on these pages and the Chronicles book and only see success … yet it’s the necessary scars that have made all of it possible. (Please let that one sink in a bit.)

Some only see the immediate trading or life moment … without the necessary perspectives of the past or future.

Some only see what’s visual … yet it’s that which can’t be seen (99+% of the universe) where the true answers lie … in trading, life, and beyond.

Those that pursue and grasp these concepts will find the keys that open the lock … to every door.

As for me, as I continue to challenge myself beyond anything I’ve ever known, and as this current period of silence and personal metamorphosis resumes for the time being, I’ll let Colton Dixon close the post in words that ring so true as a trader and human being:

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