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This week’s heartfelt diary entry looks back at my own trading and passing of a great mentor, as well as asking ourselves how to optimize the market passion which we’ve been given.  Thank you in advance for my indulgence.

Two links referenced in the video include scorecard files and Steve Harvey’s outstanding video on “jumping” and knowing your parachute will open.

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The Weekend Trader – My Initial Diary Entry of 2016

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Today’s entry discusses my perspectives of personal trading and market rhythms during the first week of the year, and my plans to prepare for the coming week. I also briefly touch on the possibility of a 13th trader training effort toward the end, emphasizing that it’s not a magical “cure-all”, yet continue to make available as long as interest and feedback remains strong. Either way, I’ll be trading cuz that’s what I do!

And thank you TOS for postponing your system upgrade until later as Monday AM should be wild.

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