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Don’s Q2 Goals

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Dear Diary,

As I try to quickly transition to a Q2 mindset, I feel I need to improve formally documenting and tracking to my goals. So here they are, listed in order of personal significance.

Frankly, if I just accomplish 1a and 1b, I’ll consider it a monumental quarter … the rest are simply guides and motivators.

1a. Love more.
1b. Reflect far more of God and far less of self.
2. Talk and tweet less, and only if necessary, kind, and true.
3. Finish reading book in progress (Imagine Heaven) and target two others.
4. Continue New England Emmaus Board leadership efforts including Spring Walk participation.
5. Complete weight loss program, attaining target weight of 178.5 from 203 starting point.
6. Sustain new weight level; Close quarter < 180 lbs on 6-30.

Trading Goals:

7. 100% profitable weeks & months.
8. Incur maximum six draw days in approx. 60 trading days (2 per month; <10%).
9. Optimize targeted capital preservation/growth mix (<5 years to 60!) via earnings no less than $200k w/$400k stretch goal.
10. Attain minimum of four $25k days, two $50k days, and one $100k day.
11. Increase maximize ES trading size to 300 contracts.
12. Reduce transaction costs by 25%.

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He is Risen!!

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The proven triumph of all triumphs.

The powerful and inspirational song starts at the 1:30 mark if you want to skip to it.

Have a blessed Easter!

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A Special TGIF

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It’s an acronym all too-often spoken in our secular world to reflect the winding down and temporary end to a week of our hard labor, as well as anticipation of a weekend of R&R.

Yet today is of course different for God’s family of believers … in many eternal ways.

Instead of celebrating our own labor, today we recognize our Lord’s labor of sacrifice for us which will far surpass anything we will ever endure. And instead of winding down, on this day those many years ago, his work was just beginning.

Yet we can certainly anticipate Sunday when the clouds of life are once again lifted and God’s abundant gifts of love and redemption are made clear and freely available to us all.

Yes, we can thank God today is Friday. Not for the temporary end of our own work, but for the permanent end of sin and death for everyone who chooses to accept such an incredible – and free – gift.

Wishing all a reflective weekend as we approach the anniversary of the most important “trade” ever made. Back on the flip side.

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Monday AM Trade Complete – Cherry on Top Trade

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Personal and market mojo remain aligned as the morning closes … still jumping through open window until it shuts.

11:22:51 From  Don : 00 should balance ES rth
11:28:06 From  Don : small L playing for 00 balance into noon push
11:28:11 From  Don : ES
11:31:37 From  Don : adding 97
11:33:47 From  Don : new highs or I buy lunch
11:34:57 From  Don : offering up to 01
11:37:04 From  Don : 0050 filled
11:37:27 From  Don : classic noon push
11:37:32 From  Don : holding some
11:37:50 From  Don : 0150 filled
11:38:13 From  Don : cherry on top trade
11:42:19 From  Don : flat 0250
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Monday AM Chat – Averaging WITH the Move

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My chat posts from this AM as the rhythm continues. As I tweeted last week, we HAVE to press when in rhythm and while the window of opportunity is open.  Note the adds to size up once confirmation appears which I feel remains an art lost to most traders. Average WITH the move … NOT against!

09:56:21 From Don : fwiw ES opening on major 60 min trend support
10:02:48 From Don : L ES on the 60 min 88
10:03:00 From Don : lod stop
10:04:13 From Don : adding
10:06:31 From Don : heavy on pos
10:13:01 From Don : heavy off 91 from 88 will wait for ib break now
10:14:50 From Don : bak L 91
10:14:52 From Don : heavy
10:15:29 From Don : will trust 60 min w/triggers until she stops working
10:16:33 From Don : reentry actually ;-)
10:16:47 From Don : 60 min looks huge to me
10:16:53 From Don : sizing accordingly
10:17:20 From Don : 95-96 tgt for heavy off
10:18:10 From Don : took partial 94
10:18:12 From Don : jic
10:18:13 From Don : just in case
10:18:46 From Don : rest looking for onh poke
10:22:11 From Don : conflicts seem to abound on timeframes and instruments, so TMAR for now biased w/60
10:30:43 From Don : 90 stop on my ES now
10:34:28 From Don : added 94 for onh probe
10:36:12 From Don : vix down tick
10:36:17 From Don : delta shift green
10:36:53 From Don : added 95
10:36:56 From Don : pushing this
10:37:06 From Don : scaling out into 98-00
10:37:55 From Don : correction 96-00; some off 96 jic
10:38:29 From Don : holding most for 00 approach off 91
10:38:53 From Don : heavy off 97
10:39:42 From Don : offering 98-00 on final
10:40:24 From Don : 98 filled; 91′s now flat
10:41:17 From Don : back to I-don’t-care size now
10:42:40 From Don : shorter-term than np and size comments should reflect conviction
10:42:47 From Don : but hopefully aligned most of the time :-)
10:43:45 From Don : NW (now what)
got what I wanted, FOD with tiny pos now
10:44:52 From Don : essentially, that was longs off the 60 min support, using 1 min price and 3 min Delta triggers to target ibh probe, catching carry-over wind from Friday … now I have no clue
10:45:49 From Don : plus averaging up w/colnfirmation which I feel more traders should learn … but it’s a diff than np’s single on … all good though
10:46:27 From Don : and if I ever post without an advance premise comment, feel free to slap me

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