Trading After Dark – Catcher’s Mitt Edition

By Don Miller

Note: Please adjust the video slider so you start at the beginning … having a few technical challenges as it seems to start mid-video. Thanks.

I’ve talked about the catcher’s mitt sequence for years … sometimes even taking some grief from my closest trading friends! Hopefully this visual and accompanying narration will help further burn the pattern into your brains.

These continue to be real trades folks … and I promise to show one that doesn’t work.  Remember it’s not always about probability … it’s about bet size when you’re right.  Concepts and advisories are great … but they mean nothing without execution and don’t pay the bills.  We’ll continue to work on the video quality and combine these new episodes with the earlier TAD series. Consider it some thanks for your recent support.

Oh, and this post-trade sequence chart is why trades are dates and not marriages. Note MACD never crossed about zero.

Feel free to comment or ask questions via Twitter and I’ll try to get to them as I’m able.

Love, uplift, & inspire!

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