Trading After Dark – Eliminating the Noise

By Don Miller

Tonight’s sequence is a bit long-winded (30+ minutes), yet shows how I traded tonight’s ES after it lost 2690 support.  It’s not a home run sequence, yet shows how I used size and scratches/re-entries to manage risk, and combined CumDelta with Volume Profile to eliminate the noise and manage the sequence.  I’d likely grade it B-.

As I mention in the video, recording these is helping me focus and I seem to be getting in a decent rhythm and now stand at +$200k off the low of the Feb 5 horror show (much like Page 109 in Chronicles or our initial diary detailing the 10-6-08 trade).  I recall mentioning the other day that I thought Feb 5 might be the kick in the a$$ this trader needed.  So far, so good, and I’m adjusting to the Tinnitus … yet I’ve still left far too much on the table and have missed a few 6am alarms.

39 days until I return to full-time trader status!

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