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Odds & Ends as We Prep For Launch

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Today’s brief video discusses aspects related to the live room launch, things you may want to consider at your end as a trader even if not participating, a screen replacement, market tendency alerts, important things to understand about our streaming indicators, and more.

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“Don Miller Live” to Formally Launch May 7

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Today’s post formalizes the launch of the site and service. Please view the video and new site for additional information.

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Concurrent with my stepping down as CFO for a high tech company that has consumed my time, energy, and focus over the past few years, and upon return to full time trading in May, I’m excited to make two announcements in response to many recent and recurring requests.

Jellie Trader “Reunion” Opportunity – I’ve recently received several requests for past program attendees to participate in the upcoming April 30 – May 4 Jellie Trading session, especially as we’ve done more work in recent years with ETH, Asia, CumDelta, Volume Profile, our new Dashboard, and more. As such, I’d be pleased to invite and welcome any past Jellie to join us in the upcoming session for only a nominal participant fee which would amount to a 90% discount. Please contact me at if you’re interested.

Live Trading Room “Squawk Box” Launch w/Trading After Dark - Many of you know that last year we launched a beta “Trading After Dark” effort designed to establish a trading team largely focused on overnight opportunities that continue to grow. Like many things in life – and especially trading – the concept was strong, yet the timing and format needed tweaking due to various conflicts and commitments at this end which resulted in closing that test effort for the time being. My many thanks to those participating! So concurrent with my return to full-time trading in May, and immediately after the Jellie program completes on May 4, I’m excited and pleased to announce the launch of a full-day trading venue which will include the following:

- Dedicated times to market prep, team regroup, assessment, and more
- Five scheduled intraday Squawk updates
- Live streaming of proprietary indicators
- Extensive and prudent use of audio (live stream-of-consciousness as market opportunities unfold)
- Venue that facilitates a team environment of like-minded traders
- Common screens to promote synergies
- Access to one of the top trading coaches in the industry (Robin Dayne)
- Opportunities to strengthen & encourage each other (Iron sharpens Iron)
- Text, audio, video, and smartphone conferencing capability
- Allow for pursuit/communication of best practices & optimal trader tools including access to enhanced charting
- Value-based participation fees that bundle trader infrastructure while respecting trader overhead budgets & maximize trader profitability
- Discounts for any past Jellie participant (live or webinar)

Updated 3-9-18: Here’s a preliminary draft of the daily Squawk schedule.

I’m extremely excited about both of these opportunities, and will provide more info on the room launch in the coming days including structure, platforms, pricing, etc.  You can also email me any time at if you’d like to be added to an email list.

I want your Bamboo to grow and profits to explode, and intend on building THE best trading venue in the industry, led by a multi-million dollar trader who will always be 100% transparent, have huge plans for my personal trading over the coming months and years, and would love to have you join me. Look for a “Weekend Trader” video this weekend (likely Friday PM) for more context.

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