The Weekend Trader – Planting Bamboo Seeds

By Don Miller

Here’s a note and photo I sent this morning to the Don Miller Live team currently being assembled.  Even if you’re simply following along, you may find the Bamboo theme useful.

Good Saturday Team –

Yes, we’re still several weeks away from our launch, yet I wanted to begin planting seeds now.

As I get ready to head out to a Men’s spiritual retreat for the day, I was struck a bit by the attached pic which reflects a setting in my office to the left of my desk and represents exactly what we WILL accomplish together as a team. Note the smaller bamboo plant in the foreground, set against a backdrop of the larger one in the back, with the globe to the right. That is what we can do together. I fully anticipate all of us being that small plant today – regardless of where we are in our respective trading, P&Ls, etc. – and growing toward the larger plant by the end of the first year together, as well as reaching all corners of the globe in terms of participation and what we can do to pay our upcoming successes forward for the good.

Have a wonderful and inspiring weekend!


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