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While it’s been almost a full week since we last “chatted”, the mind has been in full gear at this end, so let’s break the silence.

True Trader Follow-Up – One of the reasons I went silent over the past week was to allow at least some time to pass to emphasize the prior True Trader post, which hopefully underscored the purpose and intent of every word ever spoken in this blog.

So if you’re ever wondering things like, “Why the blog?”, “Why the teaching?”, “Why the charity work?”, “Why the Jellie concept?”, “Why share your successes (and failures)?” “Why rant about trading injustices?” … you hopefully have your answer (which if you’ve been a longtime onlooker has been clear all along).

And while I personally have a LOT to do to continue to strive to become “that” trader, I will never waiver in the convictions of this business or life which I know to be fundamental truths.

For in both life and trading, you must have both truth and conviction.

We have to sell hard when the whole world is at its buying peak, and buy hard when the whole world is selling … and with conviction.

And the only way to do so is to not succumb to the noise of this world.

Expo Plans - For those who have asked when I’ll be speaking publicly again, the answer is that I have no immediate plans to.

For while I agreed to a limited appearance at this year’s New York Expo and the response was overwhelming as we had the fire marshals scrambling, I’m not keen on traveling and continue to prefer less “noisy” environments.

As I’ve said before, if you do attend such events, the real wisdom can typically be found searching out that guy standing quietly in the corner with a silent smile on his face.

And he likely won’t be selling any books or courses.

For he’ll be that trader you want to seek out.

At this end, while I offer educational services from time to time on a limited basis, I make it a habit to avoid chasing “trader” ambulances.

I figure (1) there are enough car wrecks in this business without creating them, and (2) quality education is typically best offered when folks have sought it out after having done their due diligence.

Twitter – I found it interesting that during our silence, that we set blog highs for (1) post re-tweets (of the True Trader post), and (2) twitter traders that are closing in on 800.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for Roosevelt’s “speak softly and carry a big stick” in an industry full of noise. Mission Update - I spoke with John Norquay last night upon his return from the Uganda mission, and listened to the wonderful work that was done in part because of your generous support.

The fact that we were able to fully fund three individuals – thanks in part to one large contributor with whom I’ve never spoken - speaks volumes about the quality and substance of those in this virtual community that we’ve created.

Look for pics of their trip and work soon on the site.

Trading Rhythms – Have you noticed that during 8 of the last 9 market closes, including six in a row – the market’s strong closing “trend” was fully negated during the overnight trade, effectively torching those playing the closing equity momentum game for a hold into the next day??

Such is why I’ll always (1) be “cash at close”, while (2) recognizing that the best market setups are often between 4pm ET and 9:30am ET when the noise (there’s that term again) is far less.

EMails – As I continue to receive a plethora of emails, I’d like to remind everyone to use the comments section here whenever possible so all can benefit from the dialogue.

Also, please keep in mind while I try to respond to most emails during non-trading times, I simply can’t respond to every one.

It’s also become apparent given the continued growth of our efforts, that some are essentially “trying to learn how to trade” or asking me to “troubleshoot” hitches in their swing” via reading the blog or email snippets.

While I’ll continue to be open, candid, and generous with insights, etc., please don’t mistake such efforts as replacements for formal educational and growth through experience.

My trying to troubleshoot someone’s trading via email would simply do a huge disservice.

At my end, in-between the occasional formal education I offer (that’s why the Jellie training videos are there gang), I’m busy enough focusing on my own swing.

For first and foremost, I remain a trader.

You know, that guy standing in the corner with a smile on his face (unless the trading day was tough!)

Photon Update - One of my accounts will be active tomorrow morning as I trial it side by side with TT.  I’m excited about it and will keep you posted.

Current Goals & Projects - As I work on year-end planning and efforts, here are a few current objectives.

- Trade less freqently and at heavier sizes
- Continue to make Trading After Dark (TM) a reality and trader tool
- Continue to apply our highly successful intraday strategies to longer-term asset management
- Find more creative ways to support our charitable causes
- Hold one 2011 Jellie course (quality over quantity)
- Have one $100K day (one of the few goals that has alluded me … when/if I do, 15% of that day’s proceeds will go to charity)

So much work … so little time.

In just three short months, I’ll hit the half-century mark.

Yet I feel as if we’re just warming up.

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Wed 10:30AM ET Update: Due to bandwidth issues with Screencast, I’ve temporarily moved the second video to my educational server which should launch Windows Media Player when you click on it.  Keep in mind that shared viewing and server speed may be an issue when streaming, which I’ll keep an eye on.  Pardon our construction as we continue to beta test.

Here’s a glimpse into current behind-the-scenes efforts to produce the initial beta versions of Trading After Dark (TM). 

Please watch the introductory YouTube clip first, then click on the TAD graphic below it to launch the viewer.

As always, comments are welcome as this moves from concept to reality. 

Please excuse the redundant comments in the two videos, as they were recorded at two different times and I’ve been multi-tasking a bit.


The Weekend Trader – Continuing the Mission

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Today’s video follows up on last week’s Tank transcript posts, as well as Wednesday’s announcement of Robin Dayne’s involvement with the September Jellie training and personal expansion to an investment advisory role.

All of these efforts reflect the continuing spirit of further enhancing our mission to strengthen both traders and performance.

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More thoughts on the new site build-out, including reinforcing that the sole intent of the current expansion underway is to provide a platform that continues to focus on strengthening all of us as traders. 

I also provide an overview of the new Jellie Networking Forum, which is accessible via one of the top menu tabs.  As noted, Jellie and Webinar participants will be able to comment and interact, while onlookers will be able to view.

Please note if you’re a past Webinar attendee and would like to be able to comment in the forum, please email me and I’ll provide access.  Jellies will receive their credentials automatically.  Any initial set-up at this end will include first name and last initial only to protect confidentiality, and you can then change at your end if so desired.

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A funny thing happened on the way to indexing the old blog for future reference … I found a new toy. 

So as noted in the video, our immediate path has taken a bit of a course change as I see if this new WordPress site – with all its bells and whistles – can do even more for strengthening and motivating traders than we’ve done over the last two years.

And since absolutely nothing has changed from the July fourth post in terms of needing to find the answers within each one of us, we’ll continue our mission of emphasizing self-sufficiency in anything that appears in these pages going forward.

So watch the video, take a look around, let me know what you’d like to see, and check back often as we put some meat on these skeleton bones over the coming days and weeks … including the traditional Weekend Trader post.

Important Note: Please make sure you’re using the address which will point you to this new location. 

Oh, and watch out for the ladders and wet paint.


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