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Today’s video covers several topics, including the rationale of seeking a large-size ES trader, a screw-up by this trader, followed by two strong days, and a new “trade of the week” program designed to sharpen the focus and motivation for all with the winning trader receiving a copy of the 16-hour Jellie trader webinar series (or another gift of my choosing if you already have the series).

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, other than say “Cowboy up gang” … this is just the first of many sweeping advancements at this end as the market just begins to heat up.

Oh, and check out my new office “view” below the video as I recently tweeted.  As I mentioned in the video, it’s actually a new wall mural to the right of my trading station.

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As my fund ramps up and search for a large size trading partner begins …

View all issues of Miller’s Trading Chronicles here.

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The Thanksgiving Trader – Vegas Prologue

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I’ll let the Vegas pics tell the full story on this Thanksgiving day, as there are simply too many things to list for which to be faithful.

Thank you God for love, family, friends, skill with which to hone a craft, the opportunity to help others, and a world of tomorrows that allows us to be better than today.

May all of you have a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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The Weekend Trader – Memorial Day Waves

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Call it a Cape Cod Red, White, & Blue Ocean Tribute to all who have served.

Enough said for now as there will be time for more words and video soon as we roll out a new trading era.

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Neither Rain, Nor Corzine, Nor Blizzard …

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Do you really think after fighting Jon Corzine for a year that I’m going to let a little snow keep me from trading this morning?

Profits in hand and 3 foot measuring stick ready.

Look for trading and book “Blizzard Updates” over the weekend.

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Special Post – My Birthday Wish

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Dear God,

On his day, thank you for giving me the tremendous gifts of grace and patience in the form of 51 years worth of time. Time to better understand you, and time for me to experience the thousands of occasions you have forgiven my repeated shortcomings and allowed me to make course corrections … albeit far too slowly and stubbornly.

Thank you for never leaving my side even during all those times I deserted you, and help me better reflect your grace, love, and light in whatever remaining years you have planned for me in this temporary home.

I need no gifts on this day, and ask that you instead direct your blessings to all of my dear friends and family who have all given me a piece of their lives, no matter how small or brief. I ask this and thank you in the name of your Son.

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Yes, shocking for some and certainly not something I’m particularly proud of.

Chalk it up to a quarter century of Type A non-stop work, and four recent months of non-stop advocacy for MF Global traders.

Seasoned travelers will likely know the destination based on the pic.

Hints for others?  Passport required & 4 1/2 flight time.

More clues to come over time.

Keep current via Twitter (millerdon).

Please note Jellie trader webinar orders will continue to be processed during this time at the curent discounted $1,250 rate. Simply email for a special discounted PayPal invoice.

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The Weekend Trader Part 2 – My Night With Lord Stanley

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Following up on The Weekend Trader – Part 1 (Kissing the Stanley Cup) posted yesterday, here are a few pics of the evening.

Sure, it’s only a trophy (albeit the most famous one for a number of reasons and most difficult to achieve) which clearly pales compared to life’s far more important issues.

Yet what an evening of delight and pageantry.

If a picture says a thousand words, there must be about 2,000 here.

Maybe even more.

For those who say I need more “fun” in my life, you’re right … and I’m trying.

Thank you to the entire Boston Bruins organization for the evening and allowing us to share the experience.

Have a blessed weekend.

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