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The Weekend Trader Part 2 – Short vs. Long-Term Trading

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Today’s video makes some comparisons between our longstanding short-term trading principles – as is currently being reinforced by our Trading After Dark efforts – and longer-term timeframes which are currently in play.

I also continue to thank those who have purchased TAD caps and shirts in support of our fun, charitable effort.

This video is in response to those of you who have asked for more information with respect to my recently accepting a role as Chief Investment Officer for an investment firm, which has resulted in a re-balancing of priorities at this end.

As I mention at the outset, the video is in no way intended to be a solicitation of funds, and is simply responsive to recent inquiries.

You can find more information, including this week’s closing market briefing (in the briefing room tab) at

Request for additional information can be directed to or

Thank you.

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