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Good Sunday All!

In case you missed my morning retweet, Dr. Brett Steenbarger had a great post re: recent trader struggles and Friday’s late day opportunity. His conclusion of “actively talking ideas aloud in a team context is one way to turn the idea wheel quicker, with accountability and rigor” precisely reflects the premise and intent of our room as we go live in May, which in the interim was reflected in my sometimes over-exuberant Friday tweets.

FYI, our upcoming room will include a separate “coaching” section which will automatically capture tweets by Brett, Jim Afremow, and a few selected others who I respect, such that we can consider the material for after-hours discussion and/or use to reset our brains as the market is unfolding. The auto-capture won’t interfere with our immediate trading focus, as the material will be captured and housed separately for access as/when needed.

Enjoy your day.

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Trading After Dark Returns – Asia Edition

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View a 30 minute video and critique of tonight’s NKD trade sequence. We’ll eventually dovetail this with the older videos at over time. No advance graphics and we’ll work on the video resolution over time, yet I wanted to load this quickly to keep it current and start the cadence once again. All critiques welcome as I continue the reboot. Enjoy!

2-8-18 AM Update: Here are the entries on a TOS 1 minute chart, including the scratch sequence prior to the recording, keeping in mind they tend to aggregate closely-executed trades.

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Follow-Up – Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

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Thanks to all for your indulgence and for the many old and new comrades who reached out to me in response to last weekend’s video.  After continued reflection and consultation, here are my current action items to make myself publicly accountable.

Issue Inventory
- Non-Trading business commitments resulting in lost opportunities, split focus, lost energy, and more.
- Sloppy, unmotivated, uninspiring performance
- Brain/hand/eye coordination lagging current environment
- Out of sync with Market rhythm. Playing checkers vs. chess

Action Items & Status
- Advancing plans to transition back to trading full-time. Target completion 3-31-18
- On the trading front, migrating from player-coach to player. Complete.
- Enlist Greg Harden (peak performance coach of University of Michigan & Tom Brady) and team.  Want to know how frustrated I am? View the 3:00-4:00 minute mark of this 60-minute piece … especially the 3:20 quote re: “frustrated, tired, has to something different”. Ditto. In progress.
- Double-down on “managed” automation.  Had long call with my programmer. Methods still work; Execution is lacking.
- Surround self with motivated professional team in anonymity. Complete. You know who you are.
- Listen more and talk less (I know, this post is oxymoron). Trying.
- Re-read every line and page of the Chronicles book, and re-watch every minute of the Jellie webinar video. Every one of the 960 minutes!
- Revise the org chart and accept the demotion. Apparently, somewhere along the way, I had inverted it. See Below (click to enlarge). Done.

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The Weekend Trader – Out of Sync

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Out of sync … pure and simple. Perhaps one of the unusual trading videos you’ll ever see. All ears.

Today’s update looks back at the past year, discusses my leaning to live with “Tinnitus”, and reverting the blog back to our journaling roots of 2008!

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What I Did This Summer

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The season is now. Game time approaches. Time to harvest the seeds. No pain. Bring it.

Current Score:

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My Fall 2017 Goals – Be the Ball

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After taking some time to retool the body and brain late in the summer, as well as tweak my trading network, here’s my fall regimen plan and targets.

Be Effective Asset Steward
Awake each day 5:15am ET
Arrive work station 5:30am ET
Be at trading station 100% of Europe-to-U.S. and U.S.-to-Asia transitions
Track and score all days and sequences
No alcohol or sex Sunday AM to Friday mkt close
Ensure 1000% focus (yes, there’s an extra zero)
Continue algo automation efforts
Trade a 56 year-old body like a 36 year-old
Continue diet & workout to keep weight within 170-173 range (holding from prior 210)
Increase vertical knee raise reps from 50 to 100 (3x day)
Increase push-up reps from 60 to 120 (3x day)
Push all limits and boundaries
Do the improbable
Pursue the impossible
Dream bold dreams
Eliminate/avoid all fear
Do what others won’t, can’t, or don’t understand
Have a trading partner/coach who will get in my face and push me
Be willing to fall completely on face … publicly
Use successes to teach/transfer knowledge; Rebuild educational website
Establish and nurture the best trading network in the world
Educate self at every free moment
Avoid all negative influences
Read goal list every morning and night
Give all glory to God
Love, uplift, inspire

Financial Targets:
Min $100k per Month
2 $100k Weeks
5 $25k Days
2 $50k Days
1 $100k Day
< 2 Draw Days per Month
20 250 ES Contract Trade Sequences
10 1,500 Spy Option Contract Sequences
Triple $7,500 “Play” Account

Frankly, I’m on a mission right now and will not be denied … so forgive me if I’m off the grid at times.

Who’s with me??

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2016-17 Retrospectives & Perspectives

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Today’s video encourages all of us to consider the objective data provided by our 2016 trading results as both a candid performance review as well as guide for future improvement.  I also encourage all of us to consider joining a small trading (or life!) accountability group to further keep us on track.

Also, a reminder to please let me know if you’re interested in participating in the 2017 live Jellie trader trading effort, which will be held in either February or March depending on participant interest and schedule. If you’re interested, please email me at

Lastly, and as noted in the video, we are truly honored and humbled to have been selected as the flagship trading educational program at

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