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OK, it’s been a while since my last post, but in today’s video I discuss several exciting enhancements at this end including an update on PivotPoint Funds and personal trading transition from TradeStation & eSignal to TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim platform, while simultaneously eliminating the IRA 3-day settlement obstacle for equity trading.

And oh, on the topic of volatility …  it’s baaaaack!!!!

Links to content addressed include:

Sharing of my new workspace for ThinkorSwim users (condensed snapshot below)
PivotPoint Advisors site for short-term swing trade management

In addition, while I didn’t discuss this one on the video, major congrats to John’s wife Cherie who just completed her first CD, “Remnant” which was produced by Grammy award-winning producer Phil Naish (Steven Curtis Chapman). The CD will be released next month, and you can actually hear all of the songs on Cherie’s site.  She has an incredible angelic voice in Amy Grant type fashion, and don’t be at all surprised if she becomes a household word.

Lastly, email me at if you’re looking for a good TD Ameritrade contact or want to share ThinkOrSwim stories.


The Weekend Trader – PivotPoint Advisors Update

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This week’s Briefing is now available on the Briefing Page of the PivotPoint site.

For readers new to the Briefing, we use the weekly report to continue our mission of full transparency by describing both current technical conditions and how we’re positioning client portfolios.

An excerpt from this week’s Briefing describing our choice to avoid the typical “April Fools” retail rally is as follows:

Technical Perspective:

The major equity markets continued their trading range action in yesterday’s holiday-shortened equity trading week, however action in the S&P futures markets – which were open for a portion of Friday morning while the equity markets were closed for Good Friday – reacted strongly negatively to Friday’s disappointing payroll report as futures prices plummeted about 1% as noted by the superimposed black circles in the above charts.

Such closing-week futures action suggests that the first substantial correction and wholesale buying opportunity since early March may be unfolding, which would provide the impetus for a deeper price retracement and improved wholesale portfolio positioning as we’ve highlighted in the recent Briefings.

Prior to Friday’s futures action, the major markets had begun the week in true “April Fools” fashion as “late-to-the-game” retail investors used the strong Q1 performance to buy Q2 funds in mass, while smarter firms were selling into the temporary carry-over strength.  Based on Friday’s closing futures prices and assuming some follow-through in Monday’s equity market, such purchases would begin the second week of the new quarter with an approximate 3% loss.

Portfolio Impact:

In last week’s Briefing, we indicated, “With respect to current positions, we’ve moved client equity positions to the sidelines and will continue to seek improved wholesale opportunities for re-entry resulting from either (1) short-term price discounting so long as uptrends and key support levels remain in tact, or (2) sustained price consolidation followed by continuation triggers signaling potential additional upward legs.”

Despite Monday’s interim rally, we held firm to such a perspective and thus maintained our cash positions throughout the week as our models and judgment indicated that the risk of “buying high” simply exceeded the likelihood of further price increases in the short term.  By Friday’s end, such action proved highly prudent as we successfully dodged the early quarter losses experienced by many retail investors.

As we head into the second week of the quarter, we continue to hold firm to last week’s plan as noted above, and anticipate that opportunities to re-establish equity positions at better prices and with improved potential will surface.

Have a Blessed Easter!

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The Weekend Trader – PivotPoint Advisors Update

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We’ll again keep this weekend’s post brief via my Chief Investment Officer Briefing for PivotPoint Advisors which discusses current technical conditions, recent client trade sequences, and our expectation for the future.

As discussed before, our longer-term client strategies reflect the same professional intraday trading strategies discussed throughout the Jellie courses … the primary difference being the timeframes are simply longer.

Have a blessed week.

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The Weekend Trader – Current Trade Sequence

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We’ll keep this weekend’s post brief and limited to current technical analysis for longer term cycles in the context of my Chief Investment Officer Briefing as posted on in the Briefing Room of the PivotPoint Advisors site.

This week’s narrative includes a narrative on detailing of our most recent trade sequence for our clients, as our continuing mission remains providing full transparency – with respect to both pre-trade analysis and actual trades – in an industry that too often continues to be clouded by smoke and mirrors.

You can also find the direct link to this week’s Briefing PDF here, keeping in mind the full Briefing Room link provides important archives and puts recent action in perspective.  Please make sure to reload the PDF page if any of the header fonts look odd.

For those trading independently using intraday cycles, the industry-acclaimed Jellie Webinar Series also remains available.

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Weekly PivotPoint Update & New MF Global Article

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Hi all.

Yes, despite limited blogging lately, I’m still alive and very active on many fronts, including PivotPoint Advisors – where our target zone has been reached and we’ve initiated the selling of positions established in last December and early January (see this week’s Briefing), and the ongoing MF Global saga.

On the PivotPoint front, our expected price targets were hit as the result of late December’s technical breakout, and we’ve begun to lock in 4%-5% portfolio gains.

As it relates to MF Global, the Motley Fool again quoted me, this time as the lead to today’s piece entitled, “The Astonishing Lack of Progress at MF Global“.  The quote refers to an extract of my recent letter to the CME, CFTC and Congress entitled, “The Continued & Unnecessary Stranding of MF Global Customers” which continues to circulate around the industry.

I will continue to fight EVERY day and on EVERY front for the immediate and 100% return of capital to customers who trusted the industry’s touted safeguards until full restoration has occurred.

From the second this happened on 10-31-11, my first thought was, “They’d better not mess with futures customers … for they don’t realize the depths of our strength and resolve.”

Don’t mess with traders or futures customers folks.

We won’t go away.

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PivotPoint CIO Briefing for the Week Ending 1/6

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My weekly Chief Investment Officer Briefing for the week ending 1/6 has been posted in the Briefing Room tab of the PivotPoint site.

This week’s Briefing continues following the theme discussed in recent issues related to short- to moderate-term expectations for the market and how we’ve structured client portfolios of varying risk profiles.

To those new to the Briefing, we use similar techniques to those used by intraday traders, and many of the intraday “Jellie” concepts can be seen amidst the current Briefing.

The only difference is the use of 4-Hour, Daily, and Weekly cycles, versus 5-, 15- and 60-minute.

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New Year Post – Life is Short; Make the Most of It

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Happy New Year all!

I’ll get back to posting more regularly shortly, but let’s take care of a few housekeeping items as we start the year.

First, my PivotPoint Advisors Chief Investment Officer Briefing for the last week has been posted in the Briefing Room tab of the PP site.  As noted in the Briefing, we anticpated an initial upward break of the S&P 500 based on how the final week of 2011 ended, positioining Moderately Aggressive profiles accordingly on last week’s retracement to the lower end of the upward daily channel, which is playing out this morning with an approximate 2% gain from last week’s entry.

Second, with much of the recent focus on the continuing MF Global situation, it’s time to return to our educational roots as we begin the new year.

I was reminded of this via the following email from a recent Jellie webinar student over the holiday week:

Don, I just completed the Jellie training and wanted to share with you how pleased I am for making this investment in my trading education. After more than five years trading almost every day and spending tens of thousands of dollars on my education, this course was very powerful and helpful.

By far the most complete course on the many pieces of the trading puzzle. I purchased this course because I had decided to move from equities to the e-minis at a time when my equity trading was consistent and profitable.  Must admit I had some second guessing on this decision.

Having completed your course and before I begin to retake it, I feel confident and committed to my decision. Should your heart ever lead you in that direction, I would be honored to be a part of such an in depth training program.

Thank God for your gift and your willingness to share it with others. May you and your family continued to be blessed this next year!

It is in the light of his last comment – ”share it” — that I’ll be reducing the industry acclaimed 16-Hour Jellie Webinar series by $250 (17%) to kick off the new year.  If you’re interested, simply email me at and I’ll email a special discounted invoice.

Life is short.

Let’s make the most of it while we’re here.

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The Weekend Trader Part 2 – PivotPoint Briefing Is Up

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I’ve made a slight redesign to my weekly PivotPoint Advisors CIO Briefing, which is now accessible for the past week via the Briefing Room tab of the PivotPoint site, or you can use this direct link to access the PDF file.

This week’s edition discusses our recent trade sequences for varying portfolios in detail to continue our mission of full transparency.

And here’s the more extensive Part 1 of The Weekend Trader which was posted yesterday if you missed it.

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