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The Weekend Trader – Eliminating Market Noise

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This weekend’s video addresses the common challenge of eliminating the tremendous industry and market noise in improving trader performance.

Continued thanks and patience to all as the room countdown clock hits 23 days! You can still lock in a pre-launch lifetime discount.

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The Weekend Trader – Planting Bamboo Seeds

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Here’s a note and photo I sent this morning to the Don Miller Live team currently being assembled.  Even if you’re simply following along, you may find the Bamboo theme useful.

Good Saturday Team –

Yes, we’re still several weeks away from our launch, yet I wanted to begin planting seeds now.

As I get ready to head out to a Men’s spiritual retreat for the day, I was struck a bit by the attached pic which reflects a setting in my office to the left of my desk and represents exactly what we WILL accomplish together as a team. Note the smaller bamboo plant in the foreground, set against a backdrop of the larger one in the back, with the globe to the right. That is what we can do together. I fully anticipate all of us being that small plant today – regardless of where we are in our respective trading, P&Ls, etc. – and growing toward the larger plant by the end of the first year together, as well as reaching all corners of the globe in terms of participation and what we can do to pay our upcoming successes forward for the good.

Have a wonderful and inspiring weekend!


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The Weekend Trader – Redemption

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I’ll let the pic and video speak for me tonight … as we now head to Zihuatanejo (you’ll have to watch the movie to get that if you haven’t seen it among the 10,000 times it’s played on free TV).  Feel free to meet me on the beach on April 2!

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Follow-Up – Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures

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Thanks to all for your indulgence and for the many old and new comrades who reached out to me in response to last weekend’s video.  After continued reflection and consultation, here are my current action items to make myself publicly accountable.

Issue Inventory
- Non-Trading business commitments resulting in lost opportunities, split focus, lost energy, and more.
- Sloppy, unmotivated, uninspiring performance
- Brain/hand/eye coordination lagging current environment
- Out of sync with Market rhythm. Playing checkers vs. chess

Action Items & Status
- Advancing plans to transition back to trading full-time. Target completion 3-31-18
- On the trading front, migrating from player-coach to player. Complete.
- Enlist Greg Harden (peak performance coach of University of Michigan & Tom Brady) and team.  Want to know how frustrated I am? View the 3:00-4:00 minute mark of this 60-minute piece … especially the 3:20 quote re: “frustrated, tired, has to something different”. Ditto. In progress.
- Double-down on “managed” automation.  Had long call with my programmer. Methods still work; Execution is lacking.
- Surround self with motivated professional team in anonymity. Complete. You know who you are.
- Listen more and talk less (I know, this post is oxymoron). Trying.
- Re-read every line and page of the Chronicles book, and re-watch every minute of the Jellie webinar video. Every one of the 960 minutes!
- Revise the org chart and accept the demotion. Apparently, somewhere along the way, I had inverted it. See Below (click to enlarge). Done.

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Today’s update looks back at the past year, discusses my leaning to live with “Tinnitus”, and reverting the blog back to our journaling roots of 2008!

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A brief update on trading and life events as we gear up for 2018.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support over the last few months.

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This weekend’s public video touches on a key topic which the Trading After Dark team is currently emphasizing that addresses execution and trade sequence follow-through, much akin to the importance of a golf swing follow-through. TAD team, please look for the standard weekly video link via email.

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The Weekend Trader – Trading After Dark Stage 2

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Today’s video describes the continued evolution of the Trading After Dark “virtual prop shop” and closing off to future participants after this weekend.  Please note I will maintain a waiting list for interested parties, yet as the video informs, we’re currently at the optimal mix of traders, programmers, and technology and thus will keep our focus on trading and profitability.

Here’s the latest summary datasheet reflecting recent changes (please ensure you refresh your browser and see the v4.0 version.) Lastly, a reminder that the Jellie webinars – which we’ve recently converted to mp4 files and are now viewable on all devices – remain available, and that past or future participants receive discounted or waived participation fees for all future efforts including the TAD community.

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