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The Weekend Trader – Thanks & Resources

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Yes, it’s been a while as I focus this morning on resetting my own trading business and thank several traders including Linda Raschke, eminiplayer, and futurestrader71 for their direct and indirect support and insights as we work independently and together to further strengthen the trading community.

Other links I reference include futurestrader71′s outstanding presentation on Pro Trading Environments, as well as his site’s link to the Phantom of the Pits series which is a must- must- read if you’ve never done so before.

I also discuss two cosmetic changes I would make to “Chronicles …” if I had to do things over again, including the cover and subtitle.

My sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you as we continue our respective journeys.

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OK, it’s been a while since my last post, but in today’s video I discuss several exciting enhancements at this end including an update on PivotPoint Funds and personal trading transition from TradeStation & eSignal to TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim platform, while simultaneously eliminating the IRA 3-day settlement obstacle for equity trading.

And oh, on the topic of volatility …  it’s baaaaack!!!!

Links to content addressed include:

Sharing of my new workspace for ThinkorSwim users (condensed snapshot below)
PivotPoint Advisors site for short-term swing trade management

In addition, while I didn’t discuss this one on the video, major congrats to John’s wife Cherie who just completed her first CD, “Remnant” which was produced by Grammy award-winning producer Phil Naish (Steven Curtis Chapman). The CD will be released next month, and you can actually hear all of the songs on Cherie’s site.  She has an incredible angelic voice in Amy Grant type fashion, and don’t be at all surprised if she becomes a household word.

Lastly, email me at if you’re looking for a good TD Ameritrade contact or want to share ThinkOrSwim stories.


Reflections Looking Back at 2013 & Forward to 2014

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In today’s video, I share my new year reflections as we enter a new year of trading and life.

Topics covered include current trading rhythms, Expo thoughts, reflections and feedback to the book, platform updates, and seeking ideas for further trader innovations for the new year.

Links referenced in the video include the 2007-09 diary blog, our Trading After Dark efforts, FuturePath Trading (Photon platform), World Vision, and live Jellie training effort.

Please email any trader enhancement suggestions or interest in a 1st Quarter live Jellie training effort to me at


The Weekend Trader – Going All-In for Charity

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In today’s video I catch up on a number of fronts, including announcing that 100% of the “Chronicles …” book proceeds will go to our charitable causes.


Truth, Justice, and the American Way

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On this fourth of July, I take some time to catch up on all things business & personal including MF Global and current life events.

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Today’s post implores the CME & CFTC to stop the current MF Global Spin Machine and heal the industry.

Telling it like it is … as always.

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Today I return to the video to supplement the last seven weeks of blogging and customer advocacy as it relates to the MF Global scandal.

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The Weekend Trader – Everything is NOT a Nail!

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This week’s video edition of The Weekend Trader focuses on the importance of ADAPTING to various market cycles and rhythms to be successful on a daily basis, and helps explain why the S&P Trader “Jellie” term that we coined a few years ago has resulted in commonplace use in the trading industry.

Said another way, many industry “experts” (I thought long and hard about using that term) and vendors choose to have you focus on a single market cycle, rhythm, or dynamic … which we’ll call a “nail” … and which is naturally because they’re typically really good at hammering, or they’re trying to sell you a hammer.  So everything looks like a nail.

Well, here’s a news flash.  Everything is NOT a nail, and learning which market cycle or channel is in play during any given 5-minute interval, hour, or day, will keep you profitable in ALL markets.

As noted in Wikepedia, Abraham Kaplan is often credited with creating this “law of the instrument”, when he stated: “Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.” 

All I’ll say is isn’t it time we separated the trading men (and women) from the boys (and girls)??

Then again as I state in the video, that would take … um, work? And we wonder why the losing traders so outnumber the constant minority who adapt and succeed!

I also discuss the current PivotPoint Advisors trade sequences in progress given current longer-term market dynmaics, as well as deciding to retain the $250 Jellie S&P Trading Webinar discount for just a bit longer to try to continue to “pound” (pun intended) the point home.

Just email me at if interested and I’ll email a discounted invoice.

Have a wonderful weekend and trading week.

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