Jellie Webinar Study Session Purchase

View the same timeless eight 2-hour Formal Study & Weekly Reinforcement Sessions the original ”Jellies” attended as a part of their their eight-week marathon training program. That’s 16 hours of intensive market prep, wrap, and more, as outlined on the course index and syllabus.

All videos are mp4 compatible and can be easily downloaded via Dropbox once purchased.

Jellie Webinar Tuition:
Webinars 1-3  $500 (Early 2018 Temporary Discount from $750)
Full 8 Webinar Series $900 (Early 2018 Temporary Discount from $1,500)
Note 100% of the cost can be applied toward the full training effort if accepted into future programs.

Simply email me at indicating your choice and I’ll issue a PayPal invoice and grant immediate access to the videos via my personal Dropbox folder.

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