The “Jellie” Effort

What is the “Jellie” Effort?

Don launched the “Jellie” effort in July 2009 with the intent of improving on the old “Turtles” concept in such a way that would result in one of the most intensive group trading educational efforts ever experienced.

“Jellie” is short for Jellyfish, which reflect creatures that must adapt to the current in order to survive, as well as “sting or be stung”.  The term was also selected as the team identity because of its spiritual connotations as described by Phil Vischer – creator of Veggie Tales – as described in his book Me, Myself, and God which chronicles the rise and fall of his company “Big Idea”.

The Jellie team consists of 21 traders who were selected among hundreds of applications after an extensive interview and selection process during the summer of 2009.  The traders selected were chosen based on their general maturity and professionalism as demonstrated by previous accomplishments, an intense and balanced desire to improve both oneself and the surrounding team, and the ability to provide a unique skill or perspective that would compliment that of other Jellies to help increase the probability that the team would indeed be stronger than its individual parts.

Former (or current supplemental) Jellie occupations include:

Sports Broadcaster & Former NFL Quarterback
Professional Tennis Player
Software Developer
Real Estate Broker
Info Systems Executive
Aerospace Manager
Telecom Executive
Grain Trader
Floor Trader
Prop Shop Owner & Instructor
Small Business Retailer

The entire genesis and evolution of the Jellie concept can be found in Don’s daily personal journal throughout the June – August 2009 period, and the accompanying Study Session Webinars – which were recorded and allow interested traders to view the team’s formal preparation and weekly reinforcement study sessions – have generated significant trader interest and strong feedback.

As a result of strong participant feedback, the Jellie effort has become the blueprint for Don’s current trader training efforts, which include “swimming” along the same route as the initial team, or viewing the same study materials as the original Jellies.

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