The Pilot Episode: “The Lemonade Stand”

By Don Miller

In today’s 27 minute pilot episode entitled The Lemonade Stand – Wholesale Trading the FOMC with a Small Account, I recap my thinking during today’s FOMC afternoon action in the context of trading a small $75,000 account.

Please note in recognition of the TAD launch, I’m celebrating with a one-time 15% discount off the Jellie Webinars this week.  Just email me at don@donmillereducation.com for the discount.

Categories : Low-Stakes Trading


  1. Don Miller says:

    Please note all original comments to the pilot episode can be found at the following link where it was first posted. Thank you.


  2. matt says:


    Very Cool New Site, LOve the Black Background Theme hence trading after dark! Don, are most of the aggravating trade sequences that come along in this business mostly due to the variance of going long a support level on the left that should have held, but that support level busted through and is now resistance?

  3. Dave says:

    Very slick!
    Well done!
    Let’s have some more sequences! When you have time…

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi Don,
    This format is a winner and will be even more useful if you were able to record your voiceover live during the trading – This would be an awesome skill to acquire.

    Are you able to record mouse position – as you refer to stuff on screen?


  5. bennet says:

    very well done Don. we appreciate the effort.

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