Episode #6 – The Data Behind Making a Market

By Don Miller

Continuing our decade-long and ongoing mission of promoting industry transparency, Episode #6 (which may very well go viral given its content) goes into painstaking detail to share statistical data behind this traders’s S&P market making business.

Using my actual and very modest trading of the last six days – and in all kinds of market rhythms – I share detailed win ratios, intraday performance, and REAL dollars in an attempt to more fully explain the business of providing liquidity in the S&P E-Mini futures marketplace.

Like everything on this and my other sites & publications throughout the last decade, the data is 100% real and fully auditable.

After presenting the statistics, I then walk through a balance of four underlying sequences which include one of the week’s positive outliers, an FOMC trade, a small “mini-outlier” trade to close a day, and a losing Globex session trade.

A few years ago, many know that I publicly shared a full year’s worth of data which was often misconstrued, misinterpreted, and more to say the least. This episode and detailed look behind the last six days will hopefully help “balance the macro with the micro” in putting that data in perspective as we continue to tear down the curtains that too often surround this business.


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  1. Rich says:


    Booyah!! Love the statistics…love the sequences. You have clearly exposed the fact that trading is not about home runs or perfection. It is all about hard work, using good judgment, and having the strength of one’s conviction to take advantage of the outliers. I have yet to find any website that so openly reveals how a real professional trades. Developing traders like myself can not thank you enough. Thank you.

  2. Devis says:

    Dear Don

    Thank you so much for the episode 6 video.
    After many hours of analysing my own statistics, your slide show confirmed to me again what this business is about. I used to trade the S&P E-mini contracts many years ago but had to switch to Spot FX as I do reside in Australia, however the rules of this business as per your video are exactly the same for any instrument.
    Too me what you have tried to explain in your slide show is the most important part of any trading plan / strategy.

    Thank you again for your time and sharing.

  3. Eddie says:

    Most will never get it. My stats are much the same on a much lower volume without member rates, so it can be done. Money makes money.



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