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New: The 2018 Live Jellie Effort has been scheduled for April 2-6, 2018. I expect this will be the only effort offered during the year. View the course wrap-up post and participant evaluations from a recent effort and please email me ASAP if interested.

Welcome "Chronicles" Readers!

In the continuing win-win spirit of educating traders at minimal cost while continuing our support of charities, readers of Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader can receive $250 off the industry acclaimed and timeless Jellie Webinar Series, while benefiting our continuing charitable causes.

ALL post-production book proceeds benefit our charities. To past and future participants, on behalf of these worthwhile causes, thank you for your support! 

Charities benefiting from proceeds of the Jellie Video Series include the American Diabetes Association, GrowUganda.org, Commodity Customer Coalition, The One Fund Boston, Inc, and most recently, our new World Vision outreach efforts.

Welcome to Jellyfish Enterprises LLC, a trader educational service founded by Don Miller and focused on increasing the probability of trader success over the long term, while supporting the American Diabetes Association and other worthwhile charities in the process.

Why Jellyfish?  Well, like "Jellies", successful traders strive to float along the market's current, and sting or be stung.

Sadly, the life-span of the typical career of a financial trader is very short, and a large percentage fail.  As a result, I feel strongly about the need for quality trader education.

My approach to trader education is simple:

Provide an experience of the highest quality

  • Keep it extremely realistic and applicable
  • Exceed student expectations
  • Promote self-sufficiency
  • Be even more committed than participating students
  • Simply "tell it like it is"
  • Donate a portion to charity

I can't promise fame and riches.  But I can promise to provide a non-hype educational experience of the highest quality intended to increase the probability of succeeding in an industry which is too often cloaked by smoke and mirrors.

Don Miller
Twitter: millerdon

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