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Detailed Feedback from the August 2013 Jellie Team #10

View August 31, 2013 Blog Post

Unsolicited Course Feedback

Jellie Study Session Videos:

Don - A bit of feedback for you.  Your Oversold Stochastic on Trend Support setup (From Webinar Session #1) has already made the cost of the course worthwhile.  I use MACD for divergence in price but I have found using the Stochastic in the way you describe has allowed me to really tighten up some of my entries.  Thank you so much. T.M.

Don - Excellent first presentation ... thank you very much.  V.M.

Don - I've listened to the recording this afternoon and will re-listen again tomorrow.  Great stuff!  Looking forward to #2. Thank you. K.C.

Don - Good stuff you are doing!!  I’ve already learned 2 things (one obvious that I had never thought about!) that will pay for the videos. C.S.

Hi Don - Just saw your latest video and am very pleased at how well things are going for you with both your health (you do look a lot healthier and more relaxed too) and the Jellies.  The webinars are high quality with a significant educational value, by far the best $1500 I have ever spent on anything related to trading. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing! M.B.

Don - We are only half way through and I am already dreading the weekly webinars ending. I honestly feel I’ve gotten more then my $1,500 worth already. There is a wealth of knowledge in the 4 webinars you have already given and I will be reviewing them over and over for a long time. The most important aspect for me was hearing you say things I felt, but was not confident in my own ideas. Thank you. S.T.

Don - A quick note ... haven't been able to make any of the actual Webinars but the value of those recordings has been priceless! Entered the AM yesterday with the late day push from Monday clearly in mind looking for follow thru (hearing your voice in the back of my head).  Sure enough got a nice push into the gap and low and behold a nice little 1 min pattern appears (wedge like mini 3push) with tick divergence - (again Don's voice in the back of my head). I would normally take this pattern as it pushes into this level regardless, but your reinforcement gave me additional confidence to nail it... and hit the subsequent pull back later. Many thanks - it's been a pleasure riding this wave!  P.A.

It has been a wonderful experience.  My biggest takeaway is that you were absolutely correct in creating the tank as a vehicle, not just for its intensity and duration, both of which I have previously experienced, but for the bonding and mutual support that has occurred.  It is palpable and something you should be very proud of. C.S.

I reviewed much of the webinar material over the last couple of days.  Great stuff... it really is.  I would be surprised if anybody paid $1,500 for this material and didn't feel they received excellent value.  The interesting thing is, I have seen most of the material in some form or fashion before, but you have a way of putting things into a context and perspective that is unique, stressing what some may same like "nuances" but I see as critical differences between becoming consistently profitable and failing.  You have really made an attempt to tie it all together and continually reinforce key concepts.  A story that needs to be told in its entirety, not three or four hours over a weekend.  When I started trading I never really bought into the psychological pitfalls until I felt some serious lingering pain.  Some expensive lessons.   K.G.

Don - This week I was able to apply the 1min Tick and 1min ES bar chart that you shared in the Webinar. Whoa! In three days I made more good trades then I did in 3 months. Thursday was the best. C.K.

Don - The course and your teaching style are both excellent.  A.W.

Don - I feel that this was the best investment that I have made to date in this trading business and believe that it has and will continue to benefit my results as a trader.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Jellies.  S.N.

Don - I know I am a man of few words, but I really do appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the Jellie Tank.  Thank You!!!  B.C.

Don - Very impressed with the content of the first three and looking forward to multiple viewings of the remaining five.  C.K.

Don - I have viewed all eight webinars now ... fantastic, professional, and thoroughly useful.  C.K.

Multiple-Week Jellie Live Market Training Program:

View letter from member of the 2010 Team

Don - I was compelled to write to let you know how honored I am to be working with a person with values such as yours. My feelings are a mixture of pride and gratitude that there is kind humanity amongst us. Thanks for such a gift to the ADA and me.  R.D.

Don - The class has really been outstanding. I’ve been through only a few life-changing educational events, and this was one of them.  R.S. 10-22-09

I just want to thank you very much Don for what has been an incredibly educational and eye opening week for me. I am looking forward to trading in this team environment for a long time to come. I have learned a great deal this week from watching you trade Don (very impressive trading) and using your methods I have managed to string together 5 profitable day trading days, all $1K+ and today $3K+. Not only have I never had day trading results like these before, but I have done about 20% of the number of contracts I usually do this week: less trading, less stress, and much better, and more importantly, consistent results. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this educational effort Don. M.B.

Thank you, both for your no stops Herculean effort in the tank this week and your excellent blog posts, especially last night's. I don’t know how you do it, especially after a day as intense as yesterday.

Above all thank you for sharing your hard won knowledge so generously, I honestly don’t know if I would have ever learned the lessons you have imparted so effectively on my own.  I was going in completely the wrong direction. I am certain that you have saved me years of trying to climb a highly taxing learning curve and I feel confident, for the 1st time since I started trading, that I have a realistic chance to be a successful trader. I know not all days and weeks will be like last week, comes with the territory, but I now know what is possible and feel I am on the right path.

I couldn’t agree with you more about the potential of this remarkable team you have put together, I am grateful to be a part of it and excited for the future. Your wonderful donation to the ADA is just a taste of the positive impact we can have beyond trading.

Have a great weekend my friend, you deserve it!  M.B.

Hello Don - I know the Jellie education session is not quite over yet, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the effort. I really feel like learning your perspective on the market filled a lot of "holes in my poker game".

I still find entries a bit stressful ... but thru your personal "market lens", I have been able to vastly improve my accuracy and avoid awful trades w/ low probability. 

I used everything I know today from your lessons, market instruction and my past trading knowledge to put together a nice take for the day. Anticipated morning chop, read the higher timeframe support on the 60min, watched $TICK for confirmations.

I believe with all my heart, if I continue to work hard, focus, and exercise patience, I will not become the 95% statistic of trader washouts. I want to post my own charity check photo one day and put in the footnotes that this was all possible because of Don Miller's Jellie effort.

Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt bet they could raise traders like turtles. I don't know who won that bet - and I don't know if you made any bets. However, I stand behind the idea that you can show a person how to trade ... and the rest like you said, depends on how much you put into it. Will you turn 46 Jellies into millionaire traders? Maybe, maybe not. But I am sure that your teaching efforts will have greatly advanced the progress of the 46 in measure of light years. 

While I don't know how to trade like a Don Miller clone (never my intent), and I'm fairly certain none of the turtles ever became Richard Dennis clones either.  The Jellie education session truly provided the framework to bring my trading to the next level. This is not just a one-day phenomenon. I've noticed the changes evolving over the last 2.5 weeks. 

I am glad I called you up on your trip home from Foxwoods. Regardless of where the networking room goes, I hope that we remain in contact. 

Thanks again for all of your help and support.  H.S.

Hi Don - Thanks a million. You’re an extraordinary trader/teacher and I am
coming away with so much more that just ‘solid entries’. You have helped me to blend some great techniques and execute trades whilst still using Market Profile for bias and structure. 

It’s not just entries and exits though. I am much better at ameliorating risk, scaling in and out (which has made a huge difference), defining ranges, trusting ranges (until broken of course), spotting divergences and applying greater focus. 

I also admire you because you have helped me to ‘believe in myself ‘….and this is truly crucial to successful trading. 

I wish you and your family the very best for the future and should you ever find yourself on a well deserved vacation in the UK, it would be great to meet up. 

Thank you so much once again. 

All the best  C.K.

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