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The Weekend Trader Mid-Week Edition

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Today’s video discusses today’s trade and twitter sequence triggered by the large lot trader, and a deep introspective look at 2014 shortcomings and exciting plans for 2015.

Twitter Feed (Read from Bottom Up) & Inside Edge confirmation

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Today’s video discusses my challenges on Thursday, good news on the health front, and actions in progress as we head into the new year.

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In this weekend’s segment, I discuss the benefit of using journals and scorecards, including reference to the scorecard that I use which also appears on page 180 of the Chronicles book. Here are links to PDF and Excel versions.

I also remind everyone that we’ve set the dates for the 2015 live Jellie trader training effort (Number 12!), as noted earlier this week.

Have an enjoyable weekend and fantastic trading week!

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Based on continued positive feedback, I’m pleased to announce that the 2015 Jellie Trader Training class has been scheduled for February 2-6, 2015.

This will be our 12th effort, and will once again be internet-based to keep attendance tuition to a minimum.

Here are pertinent links for those interested:

Educational Home Page
Explanation of the Jellie Concept
Video Overview
Prerequisite Webinar Sign-Up
Live Session & Webinar FAQ
Feedback Survey from 2014 Team #11

As you may know, I intentionally don’t mass market the effort beyond a Twitter and blog mention to keep the class size modest, and currently expect this will be the only session offered in 2015.

Please email me at if interested.  You can also sign up for the prerequisite Webinars to get a head-start, which will be required prior to the live effort and also serves as the course down payment.

We can also schedule a Skype or phone session if you have further questions.

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The Weekend Trader – Bridging the Gap

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Today’s edition discusses the concept of bridging the gap between knowing the “rules” of the game and consistent success, as well as whether it’s possible to stay in that trading or life zone for extended periods of time.

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This weekend’s thoughts focus on some of my strongest feelings about trading, life, and how they’re intertwined. I also stress the issue of pressing your bets when the time is right, which to my surprise remains a little-preached concept.

As I mention in the video, as was the case when I published my daily diary, I’m speaking to myself as much as anyone.

Have a blessed and productive week.

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The Weekend Trader – Tools for Your Toolbox

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Yes, we’re back to WEEKLY installments of the Weekend Trader, the momentum of which I plan to continue to give traders weekly perspectives during their R&R (& R for Reading).

Today’s column focuses on some of my favorite tools and perspectives, using a combination of new and existing “building material”, with relevant links noted below the video.

Lastly, I remind us what these tools are … and more importantly … are not.

So enjoy your third “R”.

This past week’s CNFT Trading Webinar by Charlie Cochran

Dr. Alexander Elder’s “The New Trading for a Living”

Viewer Choice and Personal Favorite Posts from the Past including the Chinese Bamboo Tree, Lessons from John Wooden, and a post containing 10 additional links including the video I posted right after the May 2010 Flash Crash

That infamous “There’s no Crying in Trading” Flash Crash post.

Subsequent post-crash weekend perspective.

The Svithjod Rock post (from the original diary blog!) which was also syndicated for use by the NY Trading Expo.  Note other key post inks in the lower left margin.

The Jazz Trader post, also from the original blog and syndicated by MoneyShow.

My personal inspiration from four years ago that still gives me chills … posted shortly after the 2010 Flash Crash.

Not-So-Shameless Plug for Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader with 100% of proceeds supporting World Vision

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Free Inside Edge Charting Webinar on Wednesday

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The CN futures team will be presenting a free webinar Wednesday 11/12 at 4:30pm ET to review their charting platform that I discussed in this week’s Weekend Trader piece.

Here’s the sign-up link for those interested.

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