This weekend’s public video touches on a key topic which the Trading After Dark team is currently emphasizing that addresses execution and trade sequence follow-through, much akin to the importance of a golf swing follow-through. TAD team, please look for the standard weekly video link via email.

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Today’s video describes the continued evolution of the Trading After Dark “virtual prop shop” and closing off to future participants after this weekend.  Please note I will maintain a waiting list for interested parties, yet as the video informs, we’re currently at the optimal mix of traders, programmers, and technology and thus will keep our focus on trading and profitability.

Here’s the latest summary datasheet reflecting recent changes (please ensure you refresh your browser and see the v4.0 version.) Lastly, a reminder that the Jellie webinars – which we’ve recently converted to mp4 files and are now viewable on all devices – remain available, and that past or future participants receive discounted or waived participation fees for all future efforts including the TAD community.

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A taste of tonight’s MATC sequence planning and execution (sans the live audio) …

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:02 PM
shorts covered 1225 … considering Ls into 2410

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:11 PM
reversed 1225
will add closer to 1000 if we get it
3-5 Tick objective on these
75 contracts fwiw
don’t chase if you’re doing any of these
got +.75 to lighten

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:14 PM
Ramping up my ETH sizes in June
starting now
top goal of mine
1. Be present
2. Trade like you mean it
Caution to the market: You don’t want to be on the other side of my trades
June is going to be my best month evah … and it starts now

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:20 PM
Really prefer 1050
loaded for bear there
this is the ketchup … I want the burger
and then the bun
odd way to build a sandwich
but you get the pic
already trading better in ETH
than RTH mess
The Trading Places guy didn’t have ETH back then to get back in the saddle
“Open those machines back up”
OK, well, they just did
beauty of MATC
(Morning after Trend Close)
Learn it
Trade it
Everyone else eating or sleeping
ideal would be to stop here, retrace toward 1050 for Shanghai, load up, delta turn up, and exit into 13 again
too much to ask?

thus this trade
(just in case)
we don’t get optimal price
at least we eat

June motto: “Don’t fade the TAD Team”
Finally nailed a A+ trade exit on that short off 11-14
blind squirrel
broken clock
blind squirrel using a broken clock
? is how far does Nikkei take us
Got the +1

Goal for everyone:
Make June the BEST MONTH of your trading career

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:34 PM

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:37 PM
isn’t this so much better than cowboy time??

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:39 PM
Again, note the time of the turn
8pm ET
2.5pts off the high
in mitt conditions
Delta confirming
The stuff no one wants to share with you

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:41 PM
Goal 200 cards 1.5 pts over and over and over

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 08:56 PM
Nikkei not as rangey as I’d like
want another bite of the apple

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 10:01 PM
anyone interested in a 10 approach?

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 10:04 PM
taking 1075

From Don Miller Screen Share to Everyone: 10:29 PM
breathe Don
there we go
had 96 cards on

From Xxxxxx to Everyone: 10:35 PM
nailed it

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A good week of reinforcement that the trading fish are best “biting” far outside of the U.S. RTH session, and a call to Europe traders.

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Today’s video further clarifies the Trading After Dark effort and discusses last week’s market action and opportunities, all of which reinforced the concept of optimal trading times outside of the U.S. RTH cowboy session.

Continued thanks to all involved in our evolving “virtual prop shop”, which as I reference we’ll likely be closing to the public shortly to retain a sense of focus and aggression.

In addition, while I don’t reference it on the video, please note we’ve updated all of the Jellie webinar files to mp4 files for those interested in use across multiple platforms.

Have a great trading week!

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Today’s video explores lessons learned while off the grid, this week’s reinforcement of prime trading times (think Europe!), and the fast-moving evolution of the Trading After Dark community.

Links referenced in the video include the Deep Work book and the Trading After Dark overview datasheet.

Uplifting message for the day: Do what other traders won’t, can’t, or don’t know how to do!

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While I hadn’t planned on following up this quickly to yesterday’s conceptual video, feedback and additional thought provokes today’s follow-up including the expansion of the “Trading After Dark” concept to include end-of-day recaps, next-day planning, scorecard reviews, team encouragement, and more in addition to the U.S. – Asia – Europe market transition opportunities referenced yesterday.

I’m looking to kick things off on Monday, so again please email me at if you’re interested in participating.

Sunday 5:30pm Update: Here’s the updated datasheet on the effort.

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Today’s video focuses on trading opportunities outside of regular U.S. market hours and explores the possibility of starting an online “Trading After Dark” trading community.

Please email any feedback to

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