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MF Global Links Continued – Boycotting JP Morgan

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As noted in this morning’s New York Post article, I’ve joined James Koutoulas and the Commodity Customer Coalition in boycotting JP Morgan.

On related notes, the WSJ reports this morning more possible odd transfers to JPM, and five Congressmen from Illinois sent a letter to SEC Chairman Mary Shapiro and CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler in support of the immediate release of 100% of customer funds frozen in the MF Global bankruptcy.

View the prior chain of key MF Global links and posts, as well as our continuing industry prayer which continues to circulate.

And while I’ve been highly reluctant to mention any of our educational services during the MF Global debacle so as to keep focused on the task at hand and not benefit from the increase in traffic, several people have asked whether the Jellie course remains available, and the answer is yes.

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